Lady Hipnaughtyk

Your moves were fluid and I enjoyed watching your hips moving languidly, as smoothly as wine being poured into a glass. You peeked at me a few times, curious to see if I was watching you from my perch and the satisfied look on my face when we locked eyes told you everything you needed to know.

I held my drink to my lips, sipping now and then, the sweet liqueur pleasing my tongue before being betrayed the strong, bitter aftertaste. I toyed with the cherry, sucking gently, grasping the tender skin between my teeth without breaking it, as I watched you, fantasizing about what would happen next…

Soon enough there you were, behind me, your hands at my waist and your lips gently quivering against the back of my neck. You and I both knew the lines you had crossed, and yet we both knew although completely out of line, it was exactly right.

I turned my head slightly, looking down at you from atop my impossibly high heels, peeking beneath lowered lids and waited to see how you would beg for my attention. You tucked your head slightly and looked up at me through your lashes, sliding your hands down my curves and slipping a finger just beneath the edge of my skirt. You kissed my neck again, softly, invitingly… I felt your hot breath against my skin, and you stood on tiptoe to whisper in my ear. “Would My Lady allow me the pleasure of being her toy for the night?”

The thought of you, all of you, those plump lips, beautifully set eyes, long neck, perfect breasts, round shoulders, slender waist, and full ass perched atop your perfectly sculpted legs made me wet at just the suggestion. I turned then, and looked long at you, into your eyes, down to the lips which I may have mindlessly touched a finger to… Down your soft, perfect body. With a nod, I took your hand and led you away to my playroom.

Your gasp was audible when you walked in and I laughed a little at your surprise. I couldn’t wait to tease you and play with my new toy in all the ways I’d imagined while watching you dance.

I led you to the middle of the room, your eyes wide with excitement, and held your arms over your head. I kissed first your wrists, then elbows, shoulders, holding your wrists together loosely in my small hand while grazing my lips against your neck. Your shivers excited me and I turned you around to face me. Finally, I kissed your lips, slowly, deeply, letting your hands do whatever they pleased as mine explored you. Our tongues played and I left your mouth silently begging for more as I bent my head to kiss your firm, full breasts… Delivering a lick and a nibble, then a bite, before suddenly standing and ordering you on all fours.

I moved behind you as you quickly obeyed, reaching between your legs to feel your hot, wet cunt beginning to soak through the thin fabric of your panties. I massaged your wet hole, teased your clit, while enjoying the soft moans you made. Your hips began to writhe against me and in your ecstasy, you hadn’t even seen me reach for my flogger…

I slid your panties down your full hips, exposing your tight, firm cheeks, ripe for the taking. I slipped my finger in my mouth, then started at the cleft of your ass and lightly moved toward the hot, glistening pussy that waited for me.

As you moved against me, I flogged you… Beginning lightly, and surprising you with quick, strong lashes that left you gasping and squirming. With my other hand, I worked your pussy, moving inside your wet hole and enjoying your obvious pleasure as you came the first time, writhing, squirming, your juices dripping all over my fingers.

And then I moved out of sight. Grabbing a blindfold and slipping it over your eyes, only half covering your beautiful face.

I ordered you onto your back and to spread your legs. You obeyed and I quickly bound your wrists over your head before bending down to taste the mess we had made together. Your pussy opened like a flower for my tongue, tasting sweet. The pungent aroma of your arousal pleasing me as I played with your soft skin beneath my mouth. Slipping my tongue between your lips, holding your swollen clit gently between my teeth and sucking until your moans turned into screams, your body shaking uncontrollably. I swirled my tongue around your button, breathing in your scent and letting the cool air struggle to compete with the heat of my mouth against your sweet pussy. Your thighs shook against me as your body reached the edges of euphoria… When you got too close, I brought the tendrils of the flogger against your inner thighs, and again on your wet twat. You will climax only at my command.

Finally, I relented, letting you cover my face with your hot, sweet juices. I brought you back to a standing position but still up on your knees, kissing you and forcing you to taste yourself on my lips. You shuddered in ecstasy, face upturned, still half obscured by the blindfold, as you begged me to continue.

I stood this time. Unbinding your wrists and parting my legs, before gently burying your face between them. I tilted my head back, enjoying the way you pleased me with your mouth and hands, caressing me. You lapped at my moisture which ran at the thought of your own hot cum dripping down your inner thighs. You were far more skilled than I had given you credit for and my orgasm nearly made my knees buckle as I covered your lips. You let my juices run over your tongue as if you had been thirsting for just my taste.

Quickly I grabbed my next favorite toy, the thick, curved glass dildo, and I shoved it hard into your soaked cunt. You gasped, came immediately, and begged for more as you felt for my pussy. With my other hand I gave you an identical toy to use on me and then continued to thrust and pleasure you.

After giving you the toy, I moved to your breasts, stroking, gripping your nipple between my fingers. With each thrust, my teasing became more forceful. Your pleasure was completely unrestrained and watching you was enough to drive me over the edge.

I couldn’t stop my smile as I noticed you could barely concentrate through your own repeated orgasms. That wasn’t the point, so I didn’t see a need for punishment. Still, I enjoyed your screams and shudders as finally you climaxed against my hand hard enough to leave you unconscious.

When you awoke seconds later, you were alone. The blindfold, flogger, toys, and I were nowhere to be found, but the satisfaction was undeniable.


One thought on “Lady Hipnaughtyk

  1. i have had sex with my neighbor–6 months after she had a baby with her husband, was very taboo and i know i am going to hell for it!!

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