Bound And Shagged

We walk inside, hands already prowling each other’s bodies… Lips meeting, tongues dancing, your fingers in my hair, grabbing a fistful as you kiss me deeply, fiercely. I melt against you as my body involuntarily surrenders to the sensations that only you can cause…

You tilt my head further back and I feel you catch me up in your arms, I can’t wait to find out what comes next. You set me on the counter and slowly begin unbuttoning my shirt, exposing my pale, glowing skin. Reaching around, you unclasp my bra and my heavy breasts fall free, you stare half-lidded at the erect nipples, bending to take one between your teeth, causing my back to arch in sweet agony.

Your hands go to the waist of my pants and you begin slowly unzipping them before sliding them down my hips, the aroma of my pussy filling the air between us and my breath already beginning to catch…

I suddenly realize that I am naked and alone on the granite countertop of the kitchen island and you are fully clothed in front of me with the most deliciously sinister of expressions on your face.

You stare at me, parting my legs as you reach between them to feel my moist little cunt, already swelling with uncontrolled arousal and growing wetter at your touch. I rest my arms on your shoulders, running my hands through your hair and grazing my nails against your taut skin. You suck and bite my left nipple, leaving your mark as you enjoy my sharp moans and I clutch you tighter against me.

You order me to lay down and I quickly comply, anxious for whatever happens next. You disappear for a moment, and then I feel you binding first one wrist, then the other. Softly you kiss me before securing my bonds and moving down toward my ankles.

Spreading my legs wide, you wrap my ankles, tying me firmly in place. My heart is beating faster, screaming its rhythm in my ears as I think of what might possibly happen next.

Once my limbs are secured at the four points, I hear the crack of the whip and I flinch involuntarily. I feel it licking sharp across my breasts first, then dancing across my stomach. After a few teasing whacks, you crack it in the air, your perfect accuracy ensuring that the tip of your whip teases my wet, spread pussy.

I shiver and cry out, eyes closed now as I revel in the pleasure of the pain. That’s when I feel you bend down, kissing my labia, softly biting the soft outer lips, licking the tender skin where you’ve bitten, and finally running your tongue inside the edge of my open lips. My back arches as you gently suck my clitoris, enjoying my uninhibited pleasure.

Your penchant for using me completely takes control and you spill a little lube between my cheeks before sliding a thin string of beads into my ass. You tease me with the sensations and I moan and rock against you. Without warning, you grab a thick rubber dildo and shove it hard into my pussy, fucking me hard and fast until my orgasm lifts me off the counter and my juices flow down the toy and over your fingers. You leave the toy inside me and reach your fingers to my lips for me to clean them as you come around and straddle my breasts. You shove your cock in my mouth and reach behind to fuck me with the toy again while I suck hungrily at you. I feel thoroughly used and degraded and you enjoy the expressions that color my face.

At long last your cum shoots down my throat and you pull away, covering my face with the last bit. I lick my lips and beg you to unbind me so I can lick the rest. Instead, you laugh under your breath and walk away, leaving me bound and naked…

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