Classroom Training

It started simply enough with a bit of flirty banter, compliments, and soon an open offer to aid me in exploring my sexual fetishes, desires and general level of comfort in role-play.

At first I shied away from it, simply because it seemed a bit intimidating all at once. But then in the heat of the moment, my Master ordered me to accept the offer, and specifically to swallow the stranger’s load. Helplessly craving his satisfaction as well as my own, I relented. I knew all the while that I would enjoy the training, likely immensely, but had I not been ordered I would probably have put it out of my head for a bit longer.

I met the stranger at his home. He immediately commented that I looked “better than the pictures” which made me secretly blush a bit in the dark. We chatted, he smoked, had a beer, and we discussed art, family, and whatever came to mind. When role playing came into the conversation, he showed me his collection of toys, told me a bit of what he particularly enjoyed and mentioned that perhaps I had been treated gently in past encounters because my demeanor channeled a “girl next door” sort of “good girl” vibe. I chuckled a bit at this and didn’t say much to my defense. He told me how much he wanted to play with me and I asked him what he was waiting on…

And then he kissed me, and began to bite firmly and hungrily on my neck. I couldn’t help the delicious moans that escaped as I relished the feeling of a stranger kissing me so intimately. He grabbed fistfuls of my hair, enjoying my reaction to the bit of pain he was inflicting, and after pulling my head toward my back presenting my neck and breasts for deeper, longer, biting kisses, led me to the bed.

He ordered me onto the bed and began to slide off his pants. My mouth watered as I asked permission to suck his cock. I had felt it pressing hard against my leg a moment before and couldn’t wait to feel my lips sliding as far as they dared down his rock hard shaft. He allowed me to take him into my mouth and I moved onto all fours. I sucked hungrily for a bit, enjoying the taste of the stranger’s precum, and savoring the sensation of my mouth being filled by his erect phallus.

Very soon he pushed me face down onto the bed and told me he wanted to try the flogger on me. He straddled the backs of my knees and began flogging my ass, obviously pleased at my enthusiastic reaction. I felt myself grow increasingly wet as I writhed and moaned beneath him… Unable to suppress the sounds of pleasure that answered every strike. He turned me over, parting my legs to taste the wetness dripping from my lips. He teased my clit with his tongue and fingers, and I moaned uncontrollably. I was every bit a little whore at that moment. My orgasm came in waves, and my body trembled beneath his touch. I desperately needed him to fill my pussy with his cum and I begged him to do it.

He took pleasure in using the tip of his penis to tease my lips and the outer edge of my wet hole. My entire body arched at his touch, belying my need for his cum. When he finally entered me, it didn’t take much until I was overtaken by yet another strong orgasm. My obvious pleasure was enough to send him over the edge and he came all over my pussy, stomach and breasts. Eagerly, I used my fingers to lap up every drop, staring into his eyes as I did so and enjoying the expression on his face. I thought of how I was pleasing my Master and my pussy throbbed with satisfaction. He commented on how he was glad he hadn’t needed to order me to lick up the cum (not realizing I had already been ordered to by Master) and I answered by reaching down to my pussy to cover my fingers yet again with the stranger’s cum.

However, he was disappointed that I had caused him to cum early and decided I should be chastised. He picked up the flogger, spread my legs, and began to use it on my cum-soaked pussy, using his fingers to spread it wide for even more intensity. I relished the feeling of each blow and felt deliciously degraded by my punishment!

He then lay down and directed me to lick up the bit of cum that had transferred to his stomach. I eagerly tasted the mix of his cum with the flavor of his skin. I couldn’t resist delivering a few soft pleasure bites of my own along his obliques, stomach and inner thigh. He responded appreciatively and I continued licking his cock, feeling it grow hard yet again inside my mouth.

He asked me to ride him then, bouncing me hard against his body, thrusting his cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy. My orgasm surprised us both with it’s sudden arrival, and I couldn’t hold back the sounds of satisfaction from my throat.
He then ordered me face down on the bed, on my hands and knees again. He moved behind me to enjoy my ass, biting, spreading my cheeks to lick my hole. Then he pushed me flat onto the bed, holding me down with one hand in my hair and one on my back.

He entered me suddenly, and my hips rose to take him in. I couldn’t help but think of how I was pleasing Master and I cried out at the incredible sensuality of the act, mixed with the sensation of being filled and used. I begged for him to use me and he commanded me to say it again, louder. I easily obeyed, knowing Master would gain extra pleasure through my desperate display of desire for degradation. At this thought, I reached down to pull the stranger deeper inside me. Mistaking it for resistance, he took me even harder and faster, calling me a bitch and a whore… I couldn’t help it… I reached down between my legs just before I came all over my fingers, the stranger, and the bed.

I felt dizzy and near unconsciousness when he changed positions again. I lay with my head off the bed by a bit, and my legs spread, desperate for him to enter me, and so he did, with one hand on my throat, and the other guiding his hard cock inside my slippery wet hole. He ordered me to tell him how badly I wanted him knowing I could barely speak. I tried my best, wanting to please the man who had given me so much pleasure both by sending me into my own fits of ecstasy, and by allowing me to please my Master.

I begged for his cum to fill my mouth and he lay down, allowing me to drink my fill when he was ready. He asked me to straddle his legs while I used my mouth to coax him to a climax. I eagerly met his cock and savored the taste of his precum mixed with my own moisture. Hungrily, I sucked and teased the tip of his penis with my tongue, then slid my moist, cum-covered lips down his rock hard shaft. My mouth grazed the base of his dick and I moaned in exhilaration, gagging slightly at the firm pressure against the back of my throat.

I tickled and teased, licked, sucked, and enjoyed his natural response. Twice, he reached to assist me, I could tell he was desperate for release. Yet at each attempt, I batted his hand away… I had no intention of relinquishing control after I had been given permission to fulfill my orders. I felt him reach the brink of climax several times, and enjoyed mercilessly holding back to push him further past his limits.
Eventually I suppressed the urge to continue his torture, and enjoyed his sounds of pleasure and the way his hips rose, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth as he came hard and fast. As his cum filled my mouth, thoughts of how I had pleased my Master filled my head. I eagerly sucked every drop and enjoyed the feeling of the strangers cum sliding down my throat, savoring the taste. I licked it off my fingers, his cock, and the places around the base where his cum had dripped at first. He trembled with the sensations I caused against his sensitive, post-orgasm, tender skin.

After a few brief moments of enjoying the reaction I was getting from the brush of my caresses, I stood to retrieve my clothes and didn’t try to suppress the smile that spread across my face. He kissed me and told me how I had surprised even him with my skill and sexuality. So much for the “good girl” persona…


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