Sugar Daddy

The flogger came first. It arrived just days before my birthday, a gift from my Lover. I eagerly ripped open the packaging, running the leather strips across my fingers. I couldn’t resist a few light slaps against my exposed skin, even though I couldn’t muster any real force behind it. I hung it carefully beside the other items in my naughty collection, beautifully on display.

It was ages before He allowed me a visit. Every day I passed the flogger hanging there in my closet, threatening to be used. I would stare longingly, wondering when I’d finally bear the marks of its wrath on my skin. I hoped He would make time for me soon…

When I first laid eyes on Him, I felt I already knew Him intimately. I knew His wants, needs, fantasies, secret fetishes… I silently led Him to my door, my heart fluttering around beneath my breasts. As soon as I heard the door close, His body was against mine. Hands in my hair, at my waist, touching my skin, grabbing my ass tightly… I melted against Him. Aching for His touch and happy to finally be in His arms.

His kisses were hard, hungry, silent but rough. He handled me in a way that made me feel small, like a plaything. We travelled through every room, never untangling ourselves. When at last we arrived at my closet, I know I spotted an evil glint in His eye when He saw the toy.

But He ignored it for a moment, and we left. Walking side by side through the town, stopping at various places as I showed Him the place where I lived, silently screaming for Him to take me whenever.

At last we returned and in moments I was naked. He bent me over the couch and smacked my round ass, watching the way it bounced in response. There was more purposeful groping when He explored His property through touch. Every inch of me was open for inspection and He decided He wanted me on the bed.

Most of my toys were within a reasonable distance, and the flogger lay on top of the pile. He toyed with me first, teasing me, making me wetter with every touch.

Then He turned me over and I felt the palm of his hand come down hard on my ass. Then again. Then gently, caressing and loving me, peeking inside my soft, wet little cunt… Then the delicious tentacles of the flogger lashed against my tender skin and I couldn’t contain my screams. I felt it again, harder, swifter… He expertly alternated between light, sweet touches and strong, quick strikes.

He tried a few of more of my toys on me, enjoying my reactions to each.Then He grabbed my favorite glass dildo and shoved it hard into me. My hips rose and I cried out at the sensation. He drove it into me, pumping harder and ordered me to tell him what a naughty little whore I was.

He absently begin stroking himself while I looked straight into His eyes and told Him exactly how I’d fucked strange men in this very bed… I spread my legs wider as he fucked me faster, hitting my g spot with every thrust. I heard Him groan with pleasure when I reminded Him of all the cum I had swallowed, all the cocks I had tasted, some belonging to men whose names I didn’t even know…
I felt my orgasm building, growing and threatening and then it happened. My toes curled, my legs tensed, my back arched and my breasts swelled as I came hard, squirting all over his hand and my toy.

Within seconds His hard cock was in my mouth. I still lay on my back, but suddenly He was on the other side of the bed, my head tilted back and my entire body on display for Him. I sucked and fondled Him, loving His smooth skin and giving attention to His balls and the area of skin just underneath them… After all we’d just done, it wasn’t long before his hot cum filled my mouth. I savored the taste, letting a bit drip down on to my chin.

And just like that, He was gone. There was only the flogger laying askew on my floor to remind me of His visit. And I was left alone, naked, panting and desperate to see Him again…


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