Young, Wild, and Free

It was late. A clear September evening, the chill not quite changing the air just yet. We were young. He had rock hard abs, thick, brown hair undecided on its direction, just pointing every which way… His hazel eyes travelled languidly over my curves, taking me in and letting a delicious smile crawl across his face. He towered over me at an easy two inches past six feet. His hands ran absently through my long, dark hair and he brought his full lips down to meet mine. I breathed in the familiar aromatic mixture of beer, marijuana, dirt, and yet a clean scent of aftershave peeking through that was as much a part of him as his name.

We were in a warehouse district, leaning against the outside wall of his building, near a creek bed. He nodded to me and unbuttoned his pants, releasing that large, perfect cock. My mouth watered as I dropped to my knees and anxiously took him into my mouth. The smooth texture of his skin under my tongue, coupled with the taste of his precum drove me even crazier.

He suddenly pulled away and brought me to my feet, turning me around for easy access. I shimmied out of my jeans and bent over a pipe poking out of the ground. I held on and tried to stifle my screams as he plunged hard into me. He grabbed my hips and rocked me against him, groping me like a teenage boy. I closed my eyes, biting my lip hard to contain my pleasure.

Seconds later I was on the ground, ass in the air as he lowered himself inside me and spread my ass to watch in the moonlight. Restraining himself, he bounced hard into me at an even pace. The rhythm he kept intensified my orgasm and I begged for more between my stifled moans. He bent down to wrap a hand over my mouth and stopped abruptly.

I followed his gaze in time to see lights flashing just before we heard the screeching tires of three police cruisers pull into the parking lot. He ran one way and the sight of his perfectly sculpted ass bouncing made it hard to keep a straight face. I muffled my laughter and buttoned my jeans, brushing off grass, leaves, and all remains of nature before slowly walking around to my truck. The night barely concealed me but I managed to reach my truck before an officer noticed me. He took a long look at me, noted my vague explanation of meeting the owner of the building, confirmed with his partner that the owner was indeed the same man I named, and laughed a bit at the situation. He gave me a casual salute and within minutes the caravan was on their way.

I hopped in the truck and waited only a few seconds before he appeared at the passenger side. His voice was low, soft in my ear, reminding my body of the power he held over it, while telling me we needed a place to go and quickly. I peeked over at him, he reached for the radio, and began giving me succinct, simple directions.

I soon discovered these led to a playground nestled in a fairly upscale suburban neighborhood, and surrounded by trees. He got out and waited for me, his entire demeanor had changed, and led me to the structures intended for the exploration of innocence.

He sat first on the swing, pants down, hard cock exposed. I unfastened my jeans and pushed them down before sliding my wet pussy on that perfect dick. The chains were cold against my fingers. I gripped them tight and bounced slowly, savoring every inch of him. He reached around, squeezed my nipples between his fingers, and I covered his cock with my cum. My juices dripped onto his legs and he groaned against my back.

We stood and headed to the slide, I climbed the stairs, and he pulled my jeans the rest of the way off. I tangled my fingers in the steel grate and he bent over me, fucking me hard. He lasted ages, varying his position slightly with every few thrusts. I came so hard and so many times I could barely hold myself onto the stairs when he finally squirted his hot cum all over me.

We heard another car approaching and paused, holding our breath as if it would make us invisible. Apparently it was just another couple with similar intentions, so we dismissed their presence and moved out of sight.
He grabbed my pants up and led me, half naked, to the trails between the trees.

Just off the path, he sat down and brought me down to meet him. He motioned for me to lie back while he spread my legs, and licked my still wet, gleaming pussy. I shuddered, sensitive to his touch, and vulnerable under the sky. He kissed me, his fingers playing with my cunt, enjoying the wetness.

In no time at all, he was naked again from the waist down and I felt his cock throbbing against my body. My back arched against the cool ground as he plunged into me. He moved faster this time, seeking only gratification, knowing I was pleased as long as he was inside me.

He came hard, his cum hot on my skin, and we lay silently in the grass after. Sated. Happy.

I opened my eyes a few moments later, not realizing I had closed them, and saw the sunrise beginning. We had spent the entire night fucking outdoors…


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