Perfect New York Summer

I walked in front of him and felt as though all eyes were on me. It seemed the entire world knew I was naked beneath the flimsy material of my dress. For those who stared at me, my nipples stared back, prominently protruding under the thin, lacy bodice. My skirt swirled around my legs as I walked, thanks to the wind that toyed with the thin fabric. My hips moved fluidly, grazing my smooth, soft little pussy with every swivel. I turned slightly, seeing my lover behind me through the strands of hair floating about my face. He smiled at me and reached for my hand.

I let his fingers brush against my hips instead as I smiled back. I knew he felt my warm skin just teasing him underneath the dress, waiting to be exposed. His hands slid slowly off my body, caressing as they travelled. My ass bounced with the rhythm of my gait, elevated by my matching heels.

At last we reached the hotel where we reluctantly traded the warm sunshine and gentle breeze for the air conditioned lobby. He led this time, walking quickly toward the room, but glancing back often, as if he wished I were ahead of him again.

We took the elevator first, and when the doors closed, he enveloped me in his arms. Lips firmly pressed against mine, then softly, biting my lower lip, exploring my little mouth. I could feel his entire body against mine and grew wet at the large bulge pressing hard into my abdomen. Growing weaker at his touch, I was desperate to finally feel him inside me.

Just as I felt I would scarcely be able to breathe again, the doors flew open and the hallway appeared. My lover led me by the hand and directed me to our room. Immediately inside, he pressed me against the door, kissing me deeply, pulling me closer to him. My cunt became so wet in response to his touch, and my entire body went soft beneath his.

His hands were in my hair, then at my breasts, tweaking my nipples and feeling the weight of them in his hands. He explored my body through the thin fabric and moved down to my hips, barely grazing my little pussy. His half lidded gaze slid over my body, pausing hungrily at my full breasts. He reached up to slide off the straps that held my dress on, but I nudged his hand away, guiding them instead to simply pull down the neckline and expose my nipples for his mouth to play.

He started with my left breast, kissing, touching, circling the aureola with his tongue before biting gently at the soft flesh. His left hand slid underneath my skirt, sneaking up my legs until at last he felt my soaking wet pussy. He moaned against my breast and I gasped, clutching his shoulders as he slipped one finger past the outer lips. Instantly, he found my swollen clit and touched it gently, lovingly. My hands were in his hair, pulling slightly as I struggled to maintain some composure. He bit the fleshy mound of my breast, sucking gently and massaged my clit with his fingers. I shivered beneath him and it was everything I could do not to cry out and lose control right there against the door…

Suddenly he stood, hoisted me with his hands, dropped me onto the bed and shed his shirt. His body looked so perfect then, lean and muscled. I couldn’t resist reaching down to feel my own wetness as I stared, lusting after him, so beautiful in front of me.

He reached again, attempting to remove the one layer that kept me semi clothed, and I playfully resisted. I ached for him truly, was desperate for him to love me the way he had promised, but I had no intentions of making it easy. Still, he was stronger, and when he gave up trying to unclothe me, he simply parted my legs and tasted my sweet nectar.

I was immediately lost in the sensation. His tongue lapped me up, licking between my lips and tasting my moisture. He sucked mercilessly on my clit, toying with it inside his mouth and causing me to tremble uncontrollably. Loving the way I had given up control, he took it further and slid a finger inside my hole, reaching for my sacred spot. He had pushed me so far, I squirted my cum all over his face, letting him catch some of it on his lips and waiting tongue.

He moved up to kiss me, still covered in my juices and I loved him with my lips. With his hands he ripped my dress off me, giving me no time to react. Even if I’d wanted to continue the game of resisting, the intensity of the orgasm he’d given me left me weak. I lay there naked and vulnerable as he trailed his lips down my body, intimately exploring me.

At last I couldn’t take it anymore. I gently but firmly pushed him to lay on his back and moved down to slide off his pants and finally take him in my mouth. His gasps were similar to mine as I slid my wet lips down his shaft. I savored the flavor of his body, my hands flat against him, loving the way his hips rose in response and fucked my face.

My ass was in the air, to his side, and he reached up, curious to feel how wet I’d grown simply from sucking him. My juices dripped down his fingers, leaving no question to how hot he made me. He pumped my tight little pussy as I played. I got lost in the sensations gently sucking on the head, swirling my tongue around the tip, pleasing my lover. His precum tasted sweet, perfect. There was plenty of it and my mouth stayed wet, a little of it dripping down onto his shaft. I played with him in my hands as I sucked, varying the pressure and stroking him lovingly.

When he exploded in my mouth, I swallowed every drop. I loved the way he tasted, watched his body tense and arch with the intense orgasm, and my own orgasm surprised me. Pleasing him was all my fantasies come true and at that moment, it was enough.

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