Dancing With Strangers: Part 2

Once upstairs, I reunited with my best friend and the Australian. Not even an hour had passed. The look on her face when I whispered what had just happened was priceless. I sat back in the leather sofa and sipped my drink, staring at drunk girls grinding badly on the poles and against each other.

Soon the house lights came up and a bored male voice ordered us to tab out and leave the building. The Australian covered our tabs and announced that he wanted to head to a well known strip club.

When we arrived, we headed straight for the bathroom and shared a stall, dabbing on a bit more of the cream between the lips of our pussies. She went back to her foreign fantasy, and I went in search of satisfaction for the craving between my thighs that showed no signs of subsiding.

The place was a bisexual girl’s wet dream. Beautiful women prowled about in various states of undress. By this time of night most were naked or close to it. I sauntered through the room, pausing to compare the views from different points of the wide room.

Somehow I wound up mere feet from the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her light cocoa skin glowed in the lights, giving off a literal aura of sensuality. Jet black curls moved with her body, swirling around her shoulders. She wore nothing but a pair of sky high clear stilettos. Her perky breasts pointed upward, supple and perfect. She moved seductively, bringing her arms over her head to show off her slender waist and the round, sculpted ass perched atop two deliciously shaped legs.

I sat on a high-back, curved bench. Thanks to the nearly non-existent lighting and strategic design and arrangement of furniture, I was hidden from view to anyone able to tear their eyes from the beauty in front of us…

Except one. The man who lounged beside me was handsomely formed, dark blond and the best flavor of shy. His friends were all gathered around the dancer, but he chose to gaze from afar. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge straining against the fabric of his pants and the way he seemed to struggle with his self control.

I held my breath and reached over, grazing him lightly. He slid his eyes over to me and in seconds we melted into a tangle of limbs and lust. He draped one arm around my waist, lowered his hand to grab my hip and guided my body on top of his. We moved against each other, dying to fulfill our cravings.

Then I felt his hand reach underneath and free his thick, hard cock. I hiked my dress the few inches it lacked to drape over my hips and mask the action underneath. He slipped inside me and the sensation was the most incredible kind of intense. He rocked, I bounced, my lips tightened around his member, and my cum dripped down his dick. We stared ahead at the dancer and continued fucking rhythmically until he burst inside me. His hot cum filled my tight, little cunt and I slid off before any of his friends noticed what we had done. I hadn’t missed the glint of his wedding band before he moved me to sit on his lap, and although I enjoyed tasting the forbidden, I had no desire to cause problems for the stranger.

Slipping away, I scanned the crowd and spotted my best friend waiting by the door with her conquest, looking exasperated. I headed toward her, a sheepish grin on my face. She handed me my phone and told me the Australian had finally invited her back to his hotel room.

I smiled, happy for her, and checked my messages. Only one man would know my whereabouts at this time of night, and it was the most important man yet…


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