Dancing With Lovers: Final Chapter

Now dripping wet with the cum of two strange men, I was vibrating with sexual energy. His text had come exactly on time and I wasted no time responding.

Once I finally stood alone in front of him, he slipped the dress over my shoulders, unclasped my bra, and reached up to unfasten the heavy necklace. With a satisfied grin he pulled me onto the bed and held me close against him. The moisture between my legs spread to his and he slipped a finger between my lips, then up to his mouth to taste my juices. The cocktail of cum was still on his lips when he kissed me, softly at first, then desperately.

It felt like it had been ages since we lay together. The passion between us was incredibly intense and the temperature in the room climbed several degrees. We were a torrid tangle, bodies intertwined, lovers eager to express their desire for each other.

I wanted to taste him… I loved the way his cock fit perfectly in my mouth with plenty of room to suck and play when my lips had gone as far as they could. I gently stroked his smooth skin, I knew all of his secret pleasure zones intimately, and he moaned uncontrollably. The unusual feeling of this giant man, six foot five, a solid carved sculpture of muscle and flesh now trembling beneath my soft, feminine fingers was heady and addictive. He shook with pleasure at the sensations my mouth caused and I enjoyed the sight.

He begged me to stop and let him fuck me but I refused, teasing his cock with my tongue instead. For a moment, he relaxed. Then suddenly he grabbed me up in his huge, powerful arms and lay me face down on the bed. My legs were straight behind me and my ass was bare and vulnerable, poised at the mercy of his raging member.

He covered my mouth with his hands, knowing my screams would be beyond my control, and drive his cock deep into my cunt. The cum from the two previous men along with my copious moisture spilled out of me, covering the entire area where we were joined.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and tilted my head back to his, kissing me deeply along my neck, drinking in my scent and taste. I was lost in the euphoria of having him completely control my body. The way he covered me, handled me, filled me, together was a perfect storm of pleasure and I came hard, shuddering beneath him. He closed his grasp around me, cuddling my body in his big, brawny arms, keeping his dick pressed against the tender spot inside my pussy, and grew breathless, kissing me as I trembled for several moments in the throes of the most intense climax I’d ever had.

The moisture had become a puddle between us and he shoved a hand under my body, gripping my breasts and thrusting again, harder. He fucked me thoroughly, the other hand grasping my hip. I felt him getting close and tightened my pussy around him, holding him inside me as the pressure mounted. He exploded inside me and I came again, my craving finally fulfilled.

We lay cuddled in the glow of the sunrise after our bodies had been satisfied. His skin was sensitive to my touch and I playfully teased him with my lips and fingertips for a few moments. He closed his eyes and pulled me close, his protective hold magically banishing all my troubles. I rested my head next to his and drifted off, the dance of strangers had ended with the final dance of lovers.

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