Dungeon of Dreams

Your arms are around me, our bodies bathed in a glimmer of moonlight, and you kiss me. Slowly. Deeply.

Your strong, masculine hand slides up my body, over my small, firm breast until you gently cup my face. Your grip tightens as you look into my eye and you feel the urge to dominate Your sub. Your hand encircles my throat, delivering exactly enough pressure to remind me that You are in control, yet Your priority is my safety, though not always my comfort.

You guide my naked body to sit on the straight back wooden chair, facing You. Your free hand gathers my wrists over my head and You quickly bind them with the band from my hair. I am permitted to rest them atop my head, but to leave my body on full display at Your disposal. Already a small puddle of my wetness is forming between the pink folds of my sacred flower and the unforgiving surface beneath me. I crave Your happiness at all costs and pleasing You fulfills me completely.

You stare lovingly at Your property and reach for the violet wand. My nipples immediately harden and I struggle to maintain my poise. The pain You so expertly deliver feeds my darkest, most intimate desires. You set it on a low number, seeking only to excite me further, making me even more pliable and eager to meet Your deliciously sinister demands.

As the electricity crackles and dances across my bare flesh, I tremble and moan Your name. You slap my face once with your bare hand and remind me that I am not allowed to address You by name during a scene until I’ve been invited to do so. Swallowing my satisfied grin I savor the stinging handprint¬†on my cheek and turn it upward. I love to display Your handiwork, especially at my expense.

You continue teasing my sensitive areas with the wand, inching closer to my nipples and clitoris. The trembling is beyond my control now and I beg You to use me. My cunt is now slippery, and I slide a little on the wooden seat when You grab both my nipples between Your fingers. You pinch hard, watching as my pleasure climaxes and I squirt my sweet cum all over myself and the chair.

And then a piercing shriek erupts from the desk phone and I straighten my demurely modest skirt, shifting uncomfortably on the plush cushion as I am forced back into the present… For now…

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