Dressing Room

“Hello?” a muffled voice called out.
I stopped abruptly and stood in the narrow passage, a bewildered expression on my face. From behind the door in front of me, I heard quiet struggling, sounds of fabric being stretched and pulled, accompanied by quiet little grunts.
“Is anyone out there?” she called again, anxiety creeping into her voice.
“Yes?” I answered awkwardly, not sure what I was getting myself into.
“Oh! Can you help me please? I’m trapped in a dress and can not get free!”

I laughed knowingly. It happens to everyone, and now it was happening to this poor lady. I pushed on the door, which to my surprise hadn’t been latched, and came face to… well… bodice… with the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. At least from what I could see of her, which was quite a lot.

Her arms were suspended above her head encased in the unforgiving satin and silk bonds of Christian Dior. Her small, round breasts with their protruding nipples bounced slightly as she struggled to be free. She had a mostly flat stomach with only the slightest womanly curve above her tight, little hairless triangle. I stared at her, transfixed. Her hips and legs looked delicious and shapely, her skin an even toned golden tan. She was every lover’s dream.

“Oooh” I breathed softly… And then reached out to touch the soft breasts before me. I stopped just as my finger brushed against her smooth skin. She gasped. My face flushed and I looked away, flustered and embarrassed and moved to help her out of the dress as she had originally asked. I tugged it over her head, trying not to stare at that beautiful body of hers.

I felt her hair just before I saw it fall in chocolate brown waves against my arm. Again I was rendered speechless and my gaze traveled over her. This time she watched my face and I was surprised to see her return my awed expression. Without a word, she bent slightly and just barely touched her lips to mine. A shiver ran through me and I placed my hands on her slender waist and pulled her closer.

Her arms were still loosely tied up in the folds of fabric but had subdued their frantic waving. Now they stretched, displaying her lithe body proudly. Seeing her like this, this sensual, lascivious little nymph, naked with wrists ironically bound by an expensive dress, compelled me to act in a way I would never have dreamed otherwise.

I touched her again then, this time letting my hands roam wherever they pleased. Her breasts swelled at my touch and I bent down to grasp a nipple between my teeth. Her mouth emitted the tiniest gasp and her eyes fluttered closed. I tweaked and teased the helpless nipple with my tongue, flicking it as I held it captive in my mouth. Then with my hand I moved around to her back, running my hands along her spine until I reached the tight little cheeks of her ass.

I turned her then, slipping my tongue between the soft mounds, tasting her sweet body. She shivered and moaned beneath me, her cunt dripping wet. I breathed in the scent of her pussy and moved my lips to the slip of skin between her tight ass and wet little hole. She bit back a scream as I nibbled and sucked her.

I slid first one finger, then two, then three inside her throbbing cunt as I continued licking and pleasuring her ass with my tongue. She arched her back, holding herself upright with her hands stretched in front of her and came hard all over my face and fingers. I lapped up her juices, savoring the taste of her orgasm. I turned her again and kissed her mouth, sharing her flavor. Then with a wink, I picked up the dress I had intended to try on when I first entered the dressing room and left her standing there, speechless.


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