The moment the door closed behind us, we were in our own world. His mouth teased mine and I grew weak with need at his touch. We continued like that, reacquainting our bodies and enjoying each other until he took my hand and led me to the bed.

He lay me down, exploring my body with his eyes and hands, driving me wild with anticipation. I could feel his erection protruding from his pants and my mouth watered. I couldn’t wait to taste him.

Soon enough our clothes were strewn about the room and he was doing the most wonderful things to my body. He bent down and tasted me, his tongue slipping between my lips and pushing me over the edge. My clit was swollen and he tortured it with his mouth, pulling it between his lips, biting softly, my wetness covering his face. He moved up and kissed me with those lips, now shining with my juices and used his hands to continue playing with my spread pussy. He loved touching me, his hands never left my body. He held my legs apart and massaged my clit with his magical touch until I came hard, shuddering beneath him and growing even more desperate with the release.

He took my breast in his mouth then, suckling my nipple and flicking it with his tongue. I felt his cock at the edge of my pussy and my hips naturally rose to meet him. My back was arched, my cunt soaking wet, yet he held off and played with my breasts. My hips were restless and my pussy ached to have him fill me. I couldn’t fight the urge to move against him, rubbing the tip of his hard dick against my swollen, wet pussy. I slid my lips over him, letting the wetness cover him, still he tried hard to wait before finally plunging into me.

I screamed and trembled beneath him, the sensation sending me into ecstasy. His cock throbbed inside me and he came within just a few quick thrusts. It had been far too long since he’d had me and we both knew he wouldn’t last long.

But this was my favorite part. His cum dripped out of me, between the cheeks of my ass, coating the area where our bodies joined. His body was sensitive and I played with him, tightening around him and enjoying the feeling of his cum spilling out of me. He lay beside me then and watched me reach down to touch the mess we had made between my legs. I rubbed my soft cunt, spreading the sweet sticky cum on my fingers, between my lips, on the outside of my pussy, all over me. I reached up then and licked it slowly off my fingers, loving the way he tasted. I wanted to suck him then and I did just that, moving down to lick my cum off his cock that was already growing hard again.

He stiffened as soon as I took him into my mouth, that thick cock filling my lips and sliding perfectly across my tongue. I licked all the cum from it and sucked a bit, teasing him with my wet little mouth. He reached between my pussy, felt the puddle that had increased and soon he was inside me again.

This time I wrapped my legs around his waist and he fucked me hard, watching my tits bounce with each thrust and grasping my waist. I reached up and pushed him back on his knees and raised my legs to his shoulders. He plunged deep inside me, the sound of my wet pussy being fucked made me even more breathless. I loved the feeling of being so vulnerable beneath him, watching him take control of my body and enjoy himself. His cum filled me again and I held him between my legs, my cunt hungry for every drop.

We collapsed after, spent and sated. He held me against him, my ass against his hips. We napped for a while until I woke, wanting more. He was so perfect there next to me, his body peaceful in the moonlight. I reached down and felt his cock with its half erection, even in sleep his body wanted to play. I stroked him gently, wondering if he’d let me suck him just like that. Then I did.

I licked him slowly at first, and he moved against my face. He tasted so wonderful and I could smell the scent of sex on his body. I sucked him gently, using my hands to massage his shaft as I played with the tip. He moaned and let his hands travel over my naked body. I looked up at him and told him to touch my pussy. I wanted him to feel how wet I got just from sucking him. I took him deep in my mouth, the head pressed against the back of my throat, the base of his cock still inches from my lips. I took him a little further, slid my wet mouth back to the tip, then down again. The tip of his cock was so perfect and I toyed with it, using my fingers to pleasure the rest of his cock and softly fondling his balls. As I did so, he moaned and told me he was about to cum just before filling my mouth with the wonderful taste of his orgasm. His cock pulsed in mouth and I gasped, moaning against his skin. His hands were inside me and as I swallowed his cum, I covered his fingers with my own orgasm.

When the morning woke us again, I was still wet. He looked at me, smiling at my insatiable craving and licked my juices from his fingers where he’d touched me. He kissed me then and suddenly I was on top of him, sliding that perfect dick inside me. I rode him slowly, the intensity building. He played with my breasts, pinching the erect nipples and watching me shudder with excitement. I decided to give him a show and turned my body, gripping his ankles as I rode him faster. He fucked my hips, loving the view and I reached between my legs to massage my clit.

I was too wet to keep him inside me in that position so he rose, pushing me back onto the bed. As he fucked me again, my body trembled and I came twice from the sensation. This time we came together and as I felt him spill his seed inside me, I squirted my juices all over his cock, soaking the sheets and our bodies. I pulled his hips to my face and he kneeled over me, letting me lick every drop from his dick. I had a better position from this angle and gently pulled his balls back against his body, cupping them as I sucked him. He stayed hard for a while, enjoying the sensations my mouth gave him before laying down beside me again.

He reached his fingers between my legs and felt my pussy. Now it was even more sensitive, wet, and swollen. He kissed me, both of us pleasantly exhausted, and massaged my clit until I trembled against him another time. It was time to part, but neither of us wanted to say goodbye.

When he did leave, I showered. Letting the hot water run over my skin, I reached between my legs and the memories of the previous night made me breathless. I played again, remembering the way he’d touched me. This time, I didn’t let myself finish…


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