The Coworker

I crossed my legs under the desk, hoping my inappropriately intense arousal would suffocate between them even slightly. I caught a glimpse of a seductively crafted stiletto as I brought one leg over the other and a shiver consumed me. I only ever wore those shoes with one intention in mind. What had possessed me to wear them here? To an office teeming with testosterone and virility? Surely someone would say something to me about my shameful impropriety. Fuck it. I am a grown woman. With needs. And I’ll wear any shoe I please and for anyone and any reason I choose.

A low voice shook me out of my revelry and I heard just the end of his question. I swiveled in my chair, still high on my newfound confidence, and then looked up at him. His celadon eyes stared expectantly. His pouty lips were slightly parted, as if he wanted to say something more. I nodded, oblivious to what I might be agreeing to, and he seemed satisfied.

Alone again, I stared blankly at my computer. There was no point trying, I couldn’t concentrate. The wetness between my thighs had increased and all I could think about was having those hands that had just been inches away grabbing my hips instead. I often dreamed of him, running that dark hair between my fingers, kissing that rock hard abdomen, and I wondered if he knew. I’d bumped into him innocently once, completely on accident, and it fed my fantasies for days. I uncrossed my legs and the aroma of my pussy wafted in the air. I faced away from the entrance to my office and lifted my skirt, parting my legs to sneak a feel of the moisture. I dipped a finger between my soft lips and shuddered.

My clit was large and sensitive. My cunt throbbed with need. I tightened my pussy around my finger and nearly came all over myself. I withdrew my finger and it glistened with my juices. Hearing a knock at the door, I hid the wet finger in my mouth and turned again.

“Are you ready?” the low voice said.
His face fell slightly. “I asked if you cared to have lunch with me, you nodded so I assumed you agreed?”
The butterflies in my stomach did a synchronized nosedive.
“I did! I’m so sorry! My mind was somewhere else just now! Let me just grab my things…”

He smiled contentedly then, smugly leaning against the door frame to wait. His body filled out his charcoal grey business suit perfectly. The blue and white silk patterned tie at his neck looked like it’d be much more attractive around his wrists, but I kept that to myself. He crooked his arm like an old gentleman and I put my small hand in it, looking up at him with a playful grin.

He led me to his office, where he said he’d forgotten something and led me inside. I stared at him quizzically though when he reached behind me to close the door. And then I noticed his expression transform before me. He was unmistakably a man with a need.

His eyes wandered over me and I felt my breasts straining against my blouse. I had worn the thinnest lacy lingerie that I owned, and I knew my erect nipples were now visible beneath the thin layer that covered them. I suddenly grew hot, then cool, then hot again as he closed the space between us before bringing those delicious, inviting lips down to meet mine. His hands circled my narrow waist, thumbs moving against the soft fabric of my blouse. He pulled me toward him and I melted, feeling his strong muscular body catch me in his arms.

His erection was obvious and the feeling of it protruding against my body sent me into a tither of delight. He scooped me up, perching me onto the desk and parted my legs. I leaned back, resting on my hands as his lips brushed my skin. I felt his 5 o’clock shadow brush against my inner thigh and gasped at the sensation. With one hand I absently reached up to unbutton the thin blouse, letting it fall open to expose my heavy, round breasts, encased in their delicate lace prisons. He explored my spread pussy with his tongue, pulling my hips toward his face and sliding a finger into my wet little hole. I freed a plum colored, perky, hardened nipple from the bra and toyed with it between my fingers. As his intensity grew, I massaged my breasts a bit more roughly. He sucked my clit hard, shoving two fingers deep inside me, then curving them toward his face until he found my sacred spot. I came hard then, squirting my juices all over his face and the desk. A bit of it dripped down his fingers and he licked it off as he rose to his feet.

Within seconds, the pants were off and my back was against the desk. Papers crumpled beneath me, but he didn’t seem to notice. My skirt was bunched up around my waist and my legs were spread wide. He coaxed my pussy with his fingers for just a moment before lifting my legs to his shoulders and thrusting deep inside me. My stilettos pointed toward the ceiling and I covered my mouth, trying hard not to scream, but loving the sensations he was causing. He fucked me hard then, need winning the race against drawing out his pleasure. I could feel his orgasm building for several seconds before he burst inside me. His cock grew thicker, pulsating with pleasure, probing the sweet private area of my pussy before spurting his cum deep inside me. Again, I wanted to cry out, but held my breath, biting my lip instead and arched my back as I came again.

He leaned over me, still with his cock inside me, and just let his gaze wander over me. A grin crept across his face and I had the urge to kiss it. As I raised my face to his, I felt him move inside me. My eyes fluttered closed as the wonderful sensations of pleasure rushed through me again. He kissed me deeply, tasting and enjoying my mouth.

We separated then, straightened our clothes and refastening what had come undone. The air was dense with the scent of sex and the temperature seemed to have spiked several degrees. We gathered our things and headed out the way we had come in, off to lunch like any other pair of coworkers.

2 thoughts on “The Coworker

  1. I love the ability to turn a phrase! “The butterflies in my stomach did a synchronized nosedive.” Appreciated all the more in an arousing story.

  2. Reblogged this on dirtylittleprose and commented:
    Enjoyed the erotic tale and this authors ability to write a memorable phrase: “The butterflies in my stomach did a synchronized nosedive.”

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