Guilty Pleasures

So I got in late last night. Tonight. Whenever. I have no idea what time it is anywhere.

The moment I stepped inside my hotel room I immediately became insatiably horny. Significantly more than usual. I held off. Unpacking. Arranging the room. Checking the wifi. Couldn’t shake it. So I undressed… Slowly… Touching myself as I did. I took a few photos for you, not sure what you might think of them.

The feeling intensified… I wanted to play, but still I waited. Running my hands over my bare, soft body… Closing my eyes and caressing the familiar curves… Massaging the hard nipple that probed my arm…

My toy lay beside me, untouched. I turned on some music, wanting to drown out the silence, and eventually my screams. I went back to ignoring the aching in my pussy. Fiddling with the lights, the air, the phone…

Then I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted you. No one but you. I’m not even sure what the hell that means. I’ve never had you! How can I crave you so desperately? It pisses me off. Which is why you’re such a damn guilty pleasure, an addiction. A terrible idea. But I can’t ignore a need that strong.

At the first thrust, I felt myself immediately wanting to go faster, to try and quickly satisfy the ache. But then I paused. I held just the end of the toy inside me. My hips thrust reflexively. My body betrayed all semblance of reason. There was nothing but intense desire.

For those first few moments, I forgot that my room was adjoined to others and the place was full. I moaned, gasped, screamed, angry and desperate all at once. Finally I began sliding it again, a slower rhythm, deliberate. My body trembled. My breath couldn’t decide what to do and I felt myself literally start to black out before I realized I was breathing in quick, short gasps. I stopped. Slid the toy in again, controlling my breaths this time and biting the pillow to mute my screams. There was no stopping them, only a feeble attempt at muffling them.

My cunt throbbed, receiving the toy like an infant roots for a breast. At that moment it was as basic and vital as oxygen. My entire body cried out for you. I heard your name escape my lips and bit the pillow harder, trying to suffocate the sound.

Then, involuntarily, I surrendered. I said your name again, let my body fulfill it’s hunger. I shuddered at the sensation, thought of your voice when we last talked. More so of the way you spoke to me. The raw honesty of your voice betraying you while your words told a story similar to the truth. I felt the traitorous beginning of hot tears threatening my eyes and squeezed them shut.

For a moment, my mind dismissed the existence of anyone but you. And I swear to you I felt it start from between my thighs, move to my head, my fingertips, my toes, and shake my entire body. I’ve never squirted so much in my life. And I don’t think it ever tasted so sweet. But that could have been an effect of the euphoria. I don’t know. I’ve had my fair share of orgasms. I’ve never had one so intensely that it utterly controlled my body so completely and for several moments. It was as if for that time period I was consumed with something that… I don’t know… I’ve never felt anything I could compare it to. I’m terrified of trying to name it. I think I’d rather just let it be something wonderful that happened once, and then happened again in an inexplicable way.

I took photos. I wanted to tell you. To show you what you do to me. I’m honestly afraid to, but I wanted you to know.


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