The Stranger

His brown eyes pierced me, challenging me and adoring me all at once. For hours he’d been mere inches away and the urge to touch him consumed me. I bounced my legs, hoping he’d look away, but he just lowered his gaze. Taking me in as if I belonged to him and he was taking inventory.

The echo of the PA system bounced off the wall behind us, ending our conversation. We turned and faced the speaker. I noticed his restless hands, moving unnecessarily, he was as bad at hiding it as I was. I laughed under my breath and I think he might have heard.

He stopped then, wrote something down on his note paper, tore it off and slid it over. I bit back more nervous giggles and quickly read his request. Discretely, I excused myself and walked slowly toward the door. Outside the meeting room, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I walked toward the narrow hallway and slipped quietly into the men’s room. Of course it was empty, and I walked into the handicapped stall, leaning against the tile wall. Several moments later, I held my breath as I heard the main door open. I hoped he’d realize I’d be out of sight.

I saw the rich brown leather shoes stop directly in front of my hiding place. I opened the door slightly, peeking at him. He thrust it open and turned me to face the wall. He unbuckled his belt, I heard the zipper of his pants pulled quickly and turned to look over my shoulder as he unleashed a very thick, rock hard cock. My eyes grew round and I lifted the skirt of my dress around my waist, exposing my bare ass. He yanked my panties down roughly, shoving himself inside me.

In an instant, I felt the metallic taste of danger and gasped with ecstasy. He fucked me hard, quick thrusts impaling my wet cunt. I planted both hands firmly on the wall, struggling to maintain balance. My heels elevated me to the perfect height and my legs spread to take him deep inside me.

He came hard and I closed my eyes as his orgasm spurned mine. Our bodies trembled together, spilling our juices and rendering us weak kneed. I squatted down, my heels keeping me off the floor, legs spread to reveal my shining wet pussy and licked him clean. His eyes rolled back and he pushed my head down, forcing me to take him deeper. I choked a bit and sucked him, enjoying the familiar taste of my pussy.

I stood, pulled my panties back over my hips, and let my skirt fall back in place. He leaned back against the opposite wall, still exposed. He watched me leave the restroom without a word and stared as I walked.

As I reentered the meeting room, the professor was just closing his speech. I took my seat and felt the moisture of his cum leak from my pussy and spill onto my panties as I landed on the chair. He returned just as the next speaker was being introduced, and I looked for his ID badge, wondering what his name was…


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