Naughty Nurse

I peered through the glass and watched him, the muscles of his arm well defined even at rest. His face bore a serious expression as he participated in the differential between his colleagues. Satisfied with their conclusion, they dispersed. Off to save lives and conquer illnesses while dodging projectile vomit and various other biological fluids. His strides were wide and strong. He carried himself with a certain air of confidence that added to his overall allure. I continued with my charting, making a concerted effort to focus on the notes I was writing, but didn’t get far without the image of his body competing with my mind for total control.

I went back to the workstation and noticed one of his patients had been moved to my care. I had a question about the situation, and went to ask. But then there he was. All six foot five of him. At least. It was hard to say for sure since I barely topped five feet. I just knew he was the perfect size. Looming over me with a body most men spend hours in the gym striving for, he looked down, expectantly. I knew I had approached him but suddenly couldn’t remember why. My mouth was dry, my tongue thick and my heartbeat was suddenly drowning out all conscious thought. I looked up, hoping I’d find some cue in his expression to spark my mind to remembrance, but all I saw was blue. Steely, deep azure eyes that radiated an unexpected warmth. The heat of his gaze traveled through every part of my body, with most of it concentrated in the area between my legs. I felt my knees threatening to betray me and I shuffled with my papers on the desk, steadying myself in case I absolutely lost all semblance of control. Which by this point was very likely.

He smiled at me. Not in a patronizing way, but amused and almost sympathetic. I was sure he’d seen this reaction a thousand times or more, why in the world would I expect to be any different from any other girl with even an ounce of sex drive? I stammered something that must have sounded absolutely ridiculous, but he was able to decode my concern and gave an appropriate, professional answer. He meant well. He was only doing his job, and trying to help me recover. But my sudden inability to communicate embarrassed and frustrated me, and I felt color creeping into my cheeks… Which just added to my chagrin. It was a vicious cycle, this juvenile infatuation. Looking away I pictured my hairy, overweight, next door neighbor standing in his underwear, waving and shouting obnoxious remarks at anyone who passed by and then I formed some sort of coherent response, tried to avoid staring into those mesmerizing eyes, and recited the response aloud. I did my best to keep my voice even and cool, devoid of any ulterior motive, but the squeaks and stammers that came out betrayed my determined expectation.

Hours passed, patients came and went, I tried to keep out of his path and away from his distracting aura. The flow increased, then faded, keeping my hands busy while my mind struggled to keep up. Between two demanding patients, I snuck to a back locker room to steal a moment alone. I knew it’d be empty so I didn’t even bother to look around when I closed the door but immediately collapsed on the bench and put my head in my hands.

Exhaustion fought need. They were tied for strength, and I wondered if the same remedy would cure both ailments. I barely moved when I felt his large hands reach for my shoulders. I had no idea he was here, but there was no mistaking that touch. He paused, keeping his hands on my body and climbed behind me. Pulling me between his legs, his cock nestled between my cheeks, poking through our scrubs.

His hands moved down my body, encircling my waist, burying his face in my hair. I relaxed in his arms and his breath blew warm on my neck. He continued massaging me, working out the tension, and yet intensifying it in quite another way.

I gasped as his hands slipped between the waistband of my scrubs. His fingers gently caressed my bare little sex, moisture covering his fingers. He teased my clit, causing uncontrollable moans to escape my lips. He pulled me closer, his hard cock pressed hard into my back.

Outside we heard the huge doors of the ER unlatch, we were about to be discovered. Just as we heard the sound of footsteps, he thrust his fingers deep inside me. My back arched as I came, gripping his thighs. I heard a hand touch the doorknob and I sprang to my feet, while he slid down the bench, hovering to hide his erection. Another nurse walked in and asked if we’d seen chart for a specific patient and we both shook our heads. As she walked back out the door, a puzzled look on her face, I let go of the breath I’d been holding, pulled the missing chart from behind my back, and returned to the floor.


One thought on “Naughty Nurse

  1. Yum. I’ve a nurse for 6 years and I’ve yet to have an experience as nice as this. That picture is sparking a lot of creativity in that. Lovely. 🙂

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