Dark Skies, Darker Desires

The storm is angry. The house is still and silent. You already know I’m home, there’s no reason to warn me of your visit. I’m lying on the couch, naked except for my black silk robe draped lazily around me. My head is tilted back, eyes closed, listening to the fiercely beautiful thunderstorm raging out my window.

I don’t even peek when I hear you walk in. You’re the only one with such unrestricted access to me. The familiar faint scent of your cologne wafts through the room and I immediately feel my body responding to you.

Lightning scatters strange shadows around the room and for a long second we’re in nature’s spotlight. The thunder that accompanies the light show shakes the windows angrily. My eyes are open now, watching you remove your shirt and cast it on the empty chair.

Your broad shoulders show every sculpted muscle. You take out two glasses, pouring us both a bit of the private stock that I always keep for you. You hand me a glass, meeting my gaze for the first time since you arrived. My red lipstick leaves tiny traces on the crystal as I sip it slowly.

You slide on top of me on the couch. Your kiss takes me to another place and once again the violent thunder threatens the air. The lightning cracks and my legs are around your waist. You lift me and carry me outside to the iron balcony.

You remove the belt of my robe and use it to tie my hands behind me, fastening me to the rails. My bare feet touch the cold, wet metal, my hair is clinging to my face, rainwater dripping down my bare body. You stare adoringly at your pet, soaked to the core, naked to only you. Behind me any curious neighbor sees my tied hands and the sopping black silk that now serves as a cape.

You bring a bare hand across my face, knowing the stinging sensation is intensified with the steady rain. My scream is muted with the wind. You take one breast into your mouth, biting hard, sucking desperately. Your hands grasp my hips and pull my body closer to you. I’m helpless and I love it.

Your jeans, wet and heavy beneath my skin, provide enough leverage for me to keep my legs wrapped around you again while you have your way with me. Your hand forces my chin upward, your grasp tightening around my throat for a brief moment. You kiss my bare neck hungrily. Your thick stubble scratches me and leaves delightful red marks that I’ll enjoy tomorrow.

You thrust a hand between my legs and shove three fingers deep into my pussy. The rain has only made me wetter and I take you with ease. You fuck me with your hand until I cum, my juices twice as warm as the rain. My mascara is running down my face and I wonder if you can tell where the rain stops and my tears begin.

You untie me, catching me up in your arms like a child and carry me into the bedroom. I can hear the storm growing stronger now outside and beg you to take me. You lay me gently on the bed, my dripping wet hair creating an instant puddle on the rumpled sheets. I’m shivering, whether from cold or anticipation I can’t really decide. You kiss me then, trailing your lips down my body.

Your hands grip my hair and you bring me to my knees. The silk belt that you used to tie me before, you use again. Around my neck once, then around each wrist. I peer up at you, quietly tearful and with a trembling lip. My breasts are full, tender, protruding straight out at you, and you smack them hard. A single teardrop rolls down my cheek, but I dare not utter a sound. You lick it off, and then kiss me with those luscious lips of yours.

You bend me over, my face pressed to the bed, my wrists bound behind me still, and my knees spread wide, exposing my ass and the lips of my pussy. I feel you gently kiss me. You start at the cleft of my ass and work your way to my pussy, flicking your tongue in and out, tasting and teasing me. When you reach the lips of my cunt, you hold your mouth there. Your warm breath teases me cruelly. A soft whimper escapes before I can catch it and your palm comes down hard on my ass. You start again, licking your way down, then suspending your delicious mouth over the edge of my pussy.

When you feel I’ve waited long enough, you taste me. You let my honey drip over your tongue and I know you love the flavor. When you’re satisfied, you reach up to untie me. I rub my face with my hands, trying to wipe away the smudged makeup and when I open my eyes you aren’t there. In a few seconds, you’re delicately stripping me of my robe, and wrapping me in warm towels. You slide off your jeans and carefully drape them over the wooden chair. I feel you take up the space beside me and pull me close, my cocooned body sheltered by yours.

Thunder and lightning each take turns declaring their superiority, competing for volume, and this time, I’m not afraid.


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