The Slave, The Sub, and Their Lady

The gag was firmly in place. For amusement, I tugged slightly at the rope. Unmoving. Unrelenting. I was tightly bound with no hope of freedom until You so desired. I would have peeked up at You, but the blindfold prevented that.

I felt fingers trailing along my exposed skin, heard the click of stilettos on the wooden floor as You circled me, admiring Your handiwork. Without the luxury of sight, I was forced to rely on Your whim. I knew Your sub stood nearby, waiting for Your command.

You ordered him to kneel between my parted legs and lick my wet little hole. He did so eagerly and You used Your flogger sporadically, hard, quick lashes when You wanted him to increase his intensity, and soft strokes across his back when You wanted him to slow. The way You controlled my pleasure made me moan helplessly. I loved when You took charge.

I heard the harness rattle and knew you were about to use the strap on. My cunt throbbed. I wished it was me. But I knew Your desires. The sub screams were muffled by my pussy as You plunged into him. You loved starting that way, reminding him of Your power. You teased his hole, his pussy worship mirrored his level pleasure.

You ordered him to stand and I heard You tie what I assumed must be his wrists. He was no longer allowed to play, but was forced to watch without relief until You deemed it appropriate… If You decided to.

You untied me then, wrapping the strands around my ankles and hands, tying them together instead. I stood still, tried to be Your perfect slave. But then I heard a whimper from the sub and my head jerked up just slightly. The flogger flew through the air and I squeezed my eyes shut for the blow. No amount of anticipation could have prepared me for the sensation, I screamed in spite of the ball gag.

You attached the chain to my nipples. The clamps held tight, and I felt my cunt throb with pleasure. You bent me over the chair, my ass and pussy bare and exposed for Your pleasure. You prepared your strap on and I heard You open the toybox again.

Soon, I felt the thick shaft of your toy enter me, then the cold steel of lubricated metal forcing its way into my ass. I screamed again, pleasure and pain coming together perfectly. You used me, fucked me and teased me until tears ran freely down my cheeks. Then at last You ordered Your sub to join, telling him to fuck my face.

I felt the gag being unfastened and shivered with pleasure. I was ready. Every hole ached to be filled and You were making it happen. I tasted his cock, covered in precum, and licked my way down the shaft. Then he thrust hard into my throat. You were still abusing my ass and pussy and I came hard then, covering your toy, some of my juices spilling onto my legs. You pulled out the steel toy, and used Your fingers instead, a gentler probing sensation replaced the earlier abuse. I trembled beneath You, loving the way You used me. This is what I was intended for. To be Your slave and my pleasure be solely controlled by You.


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