That’s all he saw as she dragged her nails across his chest. Her lips left little red marks wherever they touched him. He hoped they burned into his skin.

He watched her move, her fiery red hair in tight little curls springing every which way. She straddled him, leaned over him, her full breasts barely touching his skin through their silk cage.

She slid down the length of his body, letting her hot breath tease him as she moved. He groaned, straining at the soft rope that held him in place. She laughed. That husky little laugh that sent chills charging through his body.

She sat back on her knees. Raised slightly. Opened her legs wide to give him a good view of her spread twat. It looked so delicious, so wet, perfect. He moaned again, aching to taste her, to fuck her.

A bright red nail slowly slid down in between the soft folds. She licked it clean, staring at him and taunting him with her eyes. She reached down again, rubbing her clit, this time letting her wet pussy graze his shaft. She played for a moment then he heard her breath change and begged for her to sit on his face.

This time she did. Straddling his face, she came, squirting her sweet love juice all over his face. He licked her, enjoying her taste, loving her smell.

She ran her fingers through his hair. He closed his eyes and imagined those red nails buried in his dark brown locks. She tugged. He moaned and arched his back. Those magical red lips curved in a smile.

“That’s a good pet.”

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