Forbidden Fantasy Part 1

I remember the way he used to watch me. I would walk in the door, knowing he was there waiting. His eyes would follow my every move. Invariably he would find an excuse to come over and say something, ask a question, or sometimes just to come sit on my desk and wait til I made him leave.

He made me nervous. Breathless. I caught myself smiling unnecessarily, mixing my words, forgetting to breathe. But then my husband would call, and the dream would shatter into pieces around me.

The lone photo from our wedding sat pompously on my desk. He moved it over to clear a space to sit. His own plain wedding band caught the light as he did. We both knew. But the attraction was undeniable.

The first time he kissed me, months after our cat and mouse game had begun, I melted. I had never been touched like that before. So tenderly, with so much passion, the air around us abuzz with forbidden lust. His body grazed mine. He pulled me closer. I felt him immediately harden as his hands ran over my body, drawing me into him.

The moisture between my legs was distracting. He knew. I knew. I had no idea what to do with such a powerful, dangerous attraction. But I wanted him desperately. He reached under my skirt, feeling the soaking wet lace that covered my pussy. I felt him throbbing, wanting to take me right then, in public, in the parking lot, with anyone who wanted looking on.

Waiting for the right time was agonizing. When it finally came, when we were finally alone together, I was more than ready. He led me into the bedroom, our hands never leaving each other. He pulled me behind the door and kissed me against the wall. Pulling my wrists over my head, he toyed with me, loving the power he held over me.

He undressed me slowly, enjoying every part of me. As always, I was soaking wet. We were both anxious, ready, breathless… He pulled off his shirt, revealing his powerful, well muscled body. The old tattoo across his sculpted abs turned me on. I traced it with my fingers, then my tongue, loving the taste and texture of his skin beneath me. His scent was a mixture of body wash, the outdoors, faint traces of cigarette smoke, and a bit of the oil he used on his bike. Together it smelled like danger.

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