Forbidden Fantasy Part 2

He teased me with his kisses, exploring my naked body. I tugged at the waistband of his pants, pulling them down to expose his hard cock. I gasped, knees weak, and knelt in front of him. I looked up, eyes pleading, anxious and innocent all at once. He nodded and I took him into my mouth. He felt so perfect, smooth, hard, throbbing inside of me. I loved the way he tasted, the way he responded for me.

He lifted me to my feet again, and led me toward the bed. He pushed me to lie down on the bed. I was so wet, so ready for him. When he entered me, it felt like an awakening. He teased my clit, fucking me the way he’d always wanted. When he came, it was fantastic. He filled me, his cum spilling fast into me.

When it was over he turned me around and just looked at me. I was still so incredibly turned on. I knelt on the bed, he spread my legs, touching my body, letting his hands and eyes explore me. He walked around the bed, a worshipful look on his face. I couldn’t resist putting on a show for him, touching myself, grinding slowly and staring back at him seductively.

He pushed me down on my hands, already hard again, and licked me from behind. I felt him exploring me with his tongue, sending sensations throughout my body that I couldn’t explain. I remember pure ecstasy at that point and being absolutely pushed over the edge when he finally plunged inside me.

He rode me, his hands grabbing my hips and driving himself harder into me. I could feel myself getting closer and then I came. All over him and his perfect cock.

Exhausted, I lay back on the bed, my head hanging off the edge. He walked around, that look of admiration on his face. Then he was standing over me. His cock still glistened with my wetness. I couldn’t resist. I reached up and pulled him closer, taking him deep into my mouth.

Then the phone rang. Our moment was over. The final bell had sounded. We parted ways and as I drove away, I couldn’t stop smiling about the delicious mess I’d made.


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