Marilyn Who?


Three years before Marilyn was born, there was Bettie Page. Marilyn appealed to the sexually suppressed, those who treated sensuality as if it was a secret shared only by the privileged. Bettie preferred to find new lines to cross anywhere she could.


Looking into her eyes as she poses seductively, the message is explicitly clear. Her pleasure is contagious. Whether she’s tied to a chair, suspended by her wrists, peeking behind a ball gag, or simply displaying her gorgeous physique in her prized lingerie, she seems to be positively thrilled with herself.


The same pride and scintillating confidence is evident when she poses as a dominatrix. She’s just as likely to be found posing with another woman as alone. I can’t help but interpret this as bisexuality, perhaps even pansexuality.


I adore her beautiful curves, her brunette tresses, her smoldering gaze… She steals the innocence from the moment and transforms it into sizzling sensuality. She took her time living life before modeling, and her experience shows. Her expressions capture the raw, wanton desire that women weren’t allowed to feel at that time. She was brave enough to model for bdsm and fetish shoots when the modern woman was discouraged from admitting sexual pleasure at all.


The negative aftermath from her declaration of carnality was enough to circumvent her career and eventually drive her mad. Still, her assertion forged the way for the next generation of lusty women. Without women like her, the 70’s would have been incredibly boring.


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