Oral Presentation

It is Friday morning and you get to work extra early, you have a busy day ahead, meeting with some important clients you put on your sexiest business skirt suit… and some killer heels. Several guys checked you out on your walk into the office, You are feeling on top of the world when you get to your desk.

You see a hand written note, “Come see me immediately”, signed Mr. G.

He never leaves notes like that, nor seems to have that much urgency, your heart kind of sinks and you grab the note as you head to his office and knock on the door. He tells you to come in and have a seat..

“I got some emails from the IT Director last night”… he starts off. “Some concerning messages I see you have been receiving at work” you know what he is getting at but not sure how much has he seen.. as you nod to him. “I run a professional office here, and I was not expecting to read about how much you love to suck cock last night, it is grounds for immediate termination you realize I am sure”

“Yes Sir, but I can explain…” “Fuck explaining, as I push my chair back, stiff cock sticking out of my suit pants… show me!”

Quickly walking around the desk, dropping to your knees you grab my fat cock by the base and start to stroke it.. Feeling it getting harder and harder with each motion of your hand. Taking me into your mouth. Teasing the head with your tongue as you keep stroking.. working it deeper into your throat as you stroke harder.

My hand reaches for your head guiding you gently with each bob… but not gently for long… forcing my cock deep into your throat, you fight the urge to gag… over and over, makeup stained tears start running down your cheeks as I am face fucking you hard.. until you can not take it, gagging as I smother you to my balls…

I toss you to the floor, still coughing as I pounce on you, your laying on your side as I tear your top open, letting your tits pop out, lifting your skirt and finding no panties on your sopping wet pussy. Shoving my cock into you let out a scream… my thickness stretching you as you grasp at the carpet. My hand groping your tit as I start to fuck you hard… so deep inside of you, every moan is louder and louder… until I cover your mouth with my hand….

Grasping you tightly and fucking even harder… slamming my body against yours… pussy juice splashing with each thrust… muffled screams unable to escape my grasp… quickly you realize you are not able to catch a breath… and start fighting to free yourself from me… I am so fucking hot for you at that moment you cannot stop me, totally at my will, your only resort is to bite me, and you do.. hard!

Moving my hand you wiggle free, and try to crawl away, but I am right back on top of you, pining you to the floor… this time my dripping wet cock presses against your tight little opening… I can hear you swallow as you say… fuck my ass, please. You try to relax as you take me in… slowly I am forcing myself deep inside of you, each movement I am getting deeper and harder with my thrusts… until you are finally full of me… stroking your clit as you are cuming uncontrollably… thrashing around, until I grab your hair. Pulling you back hard, bending your body.. you tighten and squeeze your ass hard…. But there is no slowing me at this point. I slamming into you as your screams echo through the office. Finally you hear a loud grunt as I erupt inside of you… pulling out slowly the cum running down your ass cheeks as I get back into my chair…

KNOCK KNOCK… “Mr. G, I have a note that says to come and see you immediately”
“One moment…” I say, looking at you as you try to gather yourself. “Get ready for your meeting with the IT Director, be careful I hear he can be a little rough”


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