His lips were hypnotizing me with their seductive movement. His lazy southern accent melted my resolution to behave. Somewhere a voice crooned love songs and stirred emotions I’d tried to forget.

He moved behind me, hands around my narrow waist, moving over my hips. Shivers danced over my skin in a wildly erratic rhythm. I tried to steer my gaze from him as he perched his gorgeous body on the counter. His low voice captured me though, telling me stories of his travels.

Inevitably, I stood between his legs, the large bulge in his pants betraying his arousal. He bent down and kissed me. The lips had been distracting enough while they were only a few feet away. Pressed against mine, they cast a magical spell that had me instantly wet.

His hand slid around my throat, lifting my chin and applying just enough pressure to bring me under submission. I melted and begged for more with my kisses. The moment he relented I bent to take his swollen member in my mouth. He was much larger than I’d expected and I struggled with the girth. My tongue danced over his sensitive skin, sucking him, tasting him.

I felt my pussy getting wetter with each lick of his rock hard cock. I enjoyed his response as he tangled his hands in my hair, fucking my face gently. Growing more aroused, I abandoned all hesitation and took him down my throat. I tasted his precum as I moved up to lick the head clean. His grip tightened and his breathing came faster.

He slid off the counter and stripped me naked. He led me to the bed and bent me in front of him. I felt his tongue slide between the cheeks of my ass and my pussy immediately started to throb. His large, thick fingers caressed me there, working my wetness underneath his touch. His tongue licked my rosebud, in and out, enjoying me as he’d been wanting to.

Moments later I lay on my back, my legs spread wide, his fingers fucking my wet little hole. I was lost in sheer ecstasy, unbelieving the sensations this man was causing in me. I felt a finger enter each of my holes and I came hard, coating his fingers with my juices.

I couldn’t wait anymore and begged him to fuck me. And he did. I bit back a scream as he thrust his large cock into me. I hadn’t expected him to be quite so large! My pussy felt stretched wide as he plunged hard into me. My back arched, nipples erect, damp strands of hair clinging to my face, his hands gripping my thighs as he fucked me.

At some point I found myself face down, legs spread wide, his dick parting my swollen, pink lips. His fingers fucked my ass, covered in the juices that dripped from my cunt. He smacked my ass, watching it grow redder, telling me I was his little slut. My fists made tiny creases in the sheets and I screamed as I came again, making even more of a delicious mess.

He closed my legs, struggling to stay inside me though we were both covered in my sweet moisture. His hand held my hair while his forearm pressed me into the bed. He fucked me harder then, hitting every spot with perfect precision. Shameless, I begged for his cum.

When he was ready, he turned me over. He knelt over me and I held my face obediently, ready for my reward. His cum covered my face, my lips, filling my mouth. I licked him clean, savoring the way he tasted. It was only then I realized we were both a naked mess, and it was perfect.


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