To the Edge and Back

It had been a month. Maybe longer. I couldn’t wait anymore. Driving home from work I reached between my legs and felt the velvety soft lips immediately responding to my touch. I slid my finger deep inside, teasing myself with the slow glide. My swollen clit rubbed against my finger as I grazed it. Sneaking a downward glance, I sighed at the slick shine on my hands.

I popped the wet fingers between my lips, biting down on the tender flesh. I opened my eyes before realizing I’d closed them. Someone honked at me, startling me for just a second before I melted back into my sexual reverie.

My phone buzzed. It was him. He was waiting. Cock already hard, wanting me. I weaved through traffic one handed, the other addicted to my wet cunt. I bit my lip and tried to hold back the orgasm that was on the brink of taking over.

When I pulled into the lot, he was there waiting. Leaving over the porch, watching my lipstick red heels carry me to him. The hem of my short dress fluttered in the wind, even nature flirted with me. A strong breeze blew the skirt to my waist for a second and I blushed with coquettish modesty.

No sooner had the door closed than his hands were on my body. His touch grazed over my curves, grabbing me and pulling me into him. I was weak with desire, longing to be his for a moment. His kiss bewitched me, his soft lips whispered unheard secrets to my body.

He bent me over so that I stood with my legs spread slightly. The curve of my ass trembled beneath his slap, then he buried his face between my cheeks. His kisses roused feelings I hadn’t experienced before. His tongue coaxed me into pure ecstasy. I held on to the furniture, helpless against his charms. My knees trembled as I fought waves of my first orgasm in weeks.

Finally he relented. I was on my knees, sucking him the way I’d been begging him to let me. I slurped on his cock, letting the drops of precum fill my mouth. I felt the mess spreading onto my face, my skin slick with his pleasure. He slapped me gently, first with his cock, then his open palm. I grew wetter with each blow. I took him deeper, choking on his incredible width. He fucked me, rewarding my eagerness.

He bent me over again. His craving for my ass had reignited. This time he played as long as he wanted. He thrust his fingers into my holes, teased me with the head of his dick, licked and sucked my pussy and asshole. I could not contain the first orgasm when he thrust two fingers into each of my holes. My honey dripped down my legs and onto the bed. I begged for him to fuck me.

When he did, I lost every ounce of control. His cock ravaged me while he probed my anus with his fingers. My orgasms came hard, fast, and without warning. I blacked out with sheer pleasure when he finally exploded inside me.

I couldn’t move for several moments when it was over. There was sex. There was making love. And then there was this. Lust.


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