Ladies Only (Part 1)

13…14…15… *clink. The weights fell back into place and I collapsed against the back of the seat, exhausted. 3 sets at 70 lbs each in under 60 seconds? That was progress, right? I sneaked a glance around the weight room. Big brown eyes stared at me, then nervously looked away just as I noticed them.

They were set evenly on a small, picturesque face, complemented by full rosy lips. Her dark hair was pulled high into a tight ponytail that showed off her soft, slender neck. Her body was ideally shaped, the stuff of fantasies. She looked far too pretty to belong here, surrounded by sweaty beasts grunting and heaving heavy things for sport.

“Bitch.” I muttered. She probably came for a self esteem boost. A quick fix of having well muscled men ogle her and women of all varieties envy her.

I went back to my reps. I powered through the next several sets, jealousy fueling my body. Adrenaline soaked music screamed in my ears. My tee shirt clung to me, banishing any mystery of my shape.

I swallowed a grimace as I bent down to grab my water bottle and head over to the mat. I pulled the 10lb medicine ball from the rack and began my routine. The music still pounded in my ears, obliterating any outside sounds. I didn’t even know she was standing there until I caught a glimpse of black and pink nike cross trainers on my way up from my sit ups.

I froze. Then slowly, I looked up at her and at her adorably sheepish smile. I took the headphones out of my ear, still holding on to my petty judgment of her.

“I hope I’m not bothering you…” she began. “But I’m rather impressed with your form. Every time I look your way, you’re always in perfect position. Would you mind spotting me?”

Not at all what I’d expected to hear. I nodded, sure my bewilderment was plainly visible.

As she lifted, squatted, pressed, and lunged, I was transfixed. Although at first I’d been jealous, now I was in awe. Even her subconscious movements were sensual. She pushed her hair behind her ear, wiping a bit of sweat from her neck, and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Tiny beads of perspiration gleamed from the tops of her round breasts. Her butt curved lusciously into her feminine thighs. Her abs were taut, solid and flat.

I couldn’t ignore the stirring between my own thighs, so I excused myself and made my way to the tanning booth. Naked on the glass, slick with oil, I only grew wetter. A vision of her gorgeous body hid behind my eyelids. Need pulsed through me. I craved the touch of a woman, and let myself imagine what she must feel like.

Lost in thought, I headed toward the locker room. Never one for modesty, I shed my clothes in front of the space where my bag was locked, grabbed my things, and headed toward the showers. I enjoyed being naked, and never felt the need to hide. Still, I glanced around the room, wondering if anyone could sense my arousal. The wetness of my pussy dripped onto my thighs. I was desperate for release, and determined to get it in the showers. Towels, bags, clothing and various items cluttered the room. I looked for an empty stall and place to put my things.

But there she stood. Facing away from me toward the middle of the room. Bright pink lacy panties stretched enticingly over a round, perky ass. Her smooth, bare back taunted me. I wanted to touch it. I wanted to turn her, take those breasts into my mouth, suckle her, please her.

She turned around and caught my stare. It was my turn to blush and look away. But to my surprise, she winked! Then, as if in a dream, she walked toward me. Her hips moved smoothly, swaying in time to a rhythm of their own. Her breasts pointed at me, nipples dark and erect. The soft line of her abdomen trailed between her breasts and disappeared somewhere in the small mound of her pussy. The tiniest gap of light peeked underneath the pink fabric-covered lips from between her legs.

“Looks as if there’s only one open shower left. Mind sharing?”

I know my mouth must have dropped open. Could this be happening? I nodded, rendered speechless a second time. She smiled and walked toward the last empty shower. I followed her, into the billowing steam, and into my own living fantasy.


2 thoughts on “Ladies Only (Part 1)

  1. Mmmm hot hot hot… wish my gym sessions were this good… I’m used to being the only girl in the weights room!

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