Ladies Only (Part 2)

Behind the shower curtain, she was another woman entirely. Her demure smile was replaced by a look of raw desire. I stared at her, my eyes drinking her in. She reached for me but I caught her hands in mine. A look of slight panic flickered in her eyes. This girl wasn’t used to rejection.

I smiled a bit, making her squirm. The hot water curled the strands of hair around her face. Droplets ran unchecked over her soft skin. Her breath was shallow, labored. I traced her lips with my finger before letting my hand circle her throat. She gasped and immediately her body told me she was naturally submissive. I loosened my grip and moved my hand to her hair, grabbing a handful and tugging her head back. I licked the base of her neck, water pooling around my tongue, and I couldn’t resist delivering quick, gentle bites.

I lowered my head to her breasts. I kissed the fleshy mound, licking lightly over the skin. My free hand trailed down to the cleft between her legs. With a painful amount of self restraint, I slowly teased the crevice. I felt her slippery nectar soaking through the fabric of her panties and onto my fingers. I tugged her hair harder and increased the pressure on her hidden cunt just slightly. She moaned and grabbed my waist.

I teased the edges of her panty, glad she had left me this one challenge. With my finger I traced the edges of her crotch. I let go of her hair and dropped to my knees. Spreading her legs, I brought my face up to the swollen mound of her pussy. Her arousal smelled sweetly pungent. My tongue danced over the fabric and I found her clit easily. I sucked it through her panties and she bit back a scream.

I wanted to make her lose control. Slowly, I poked a finger underneath the secret panel of fabric, coating it with her honey, and probing her tight little ass. She lowered herself onto my finger and her clit grew larger under my tongue. My own pussy throbbed as I sucked hard, delivering a few unexpected bites. With my other hand, I shoved two fingers deep in her tight little hole. Her orgasm covered my fingers and dripped into my waiting mouth.

I stripped off her panties and roughly turned her to face the wall. Due to the other patrons, I couldn’t order her to obey me, but I could show her. I spread her ass and motioned for her to bend slightly. Her sweet holes were exposed to me, slick and sopping wet with her cum. I licked her ass and fucked her pussy with my fingers. When I felt she was close again, I moved down to place my mouth right over her slit. I probed another finger in her ass and held her clot between two fingers in my other hand. I squeezed and just as I’d expected, she shuddered and came again, this time soaking my face. I moved my hands to the backs of her knees, half to support her, half to hold her pussy to my mouth while I lapped her up. She rewarded me with her sweet juices and I couldn’t get enough.

Then it was my turn. I stood and she immediately dropped to her knees. I propped one leg over her head, my foot resting on the wall. She licked along my outer lips, nibbling and sucking as she went. My pussy was swollen and sensitive, tormented with want. She drove a finger deep inside me, finding my g spot instantly and milking it. I couldn’t breathe. Hell, I couldn’t think. She inserted another finger, applying just the right pressure and coaxing me to the edge.

Then her sweet mouth rested on my pussy and I spread my legs wide for her. Her tongue explored me, sliding down to my ass and back up to my clit. She licked me expertly, taking pride in my satisfaction. My orgasm filled her little mouth and made my whole body tremble.

She stood and spit my cum onto my breast, rubbing it onto me, then licking it off again. I played with my pussy while I watched her. Stroking the still swollen lips. She grasped my nipple between her teeth, gave me the naughtiest expression, and bit it hard. I grabbed the shower wall just as my whole body convulsed with pleasure.

I lifted her face back to mine and kissed her lips. I tasted my cum mixed with her flavor. A perfect cocktail of pleasure.


3 thoughts on “Ladies Only (Part 2)

  1. growing steadily, while image passed my mind..carress this a while untill another story passes.

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