My Bad Habit

He was just so damn sexy! The rough, but slightly lilting accent intoxicated me. I had no intentions of sleeping with him. Yeah, he was six foot four. Yeah, his blue eyes made me forget my name. That didn’t mean I’d sleep with him.

We didn’t even make it to the bar. A sidelong glance gave him permission to sneak a curious hand up my skirt and between my legs. My wetness was a secret no longer. Our friends called ahead to say they needed to stop for gas and we took advantage of a dark parking lot.

The skirt came in handy and I straddled him, kissing him with the wanton passion of a lovers’ reunion. But then that was apt, wasn’t it? The lacy straps of my dress were pulled down by strong, large hands to expose my full breasts. His mouth immediately found its way to the fleshy mound of one while his hand teased the nipple of the other. I felt his cock grow hard, pressing against my inner thigh and I slipped him inside my wet hole.

He bounced me, abusing my pussy for his own pleasure. I shivered in delight and felt myself pulsing with excitement. I instructed him to bite me as he came, and he did. I screamed, the wonderful feeling of being taken coursed through me. When it was over, I hopped back over to the driver’s seat and we made our way to the bar.

Dinner, drinks, and conversation distracted me as we all sat around the large table, swapping stories. By the end of the night, all I could think of was having him inside me again. We walked back to the truck and I reached for my gym bag, pulling out one of my toys. His eyes lit up like a child who has spotted a puppy.

I spread my legs, tenderly fingering the velvety lips and giving him one hell of a show. He brought his mouth down to my swollen clit and licked it slowly, seductively at first. I slid the toy deep into my hole and begged him to keep going. My free hand stroked his hair while he bit, sucked, and licked my wet little cunt into ecstasy. I fucked my hole with the toy as he pleasured me. Within minutes, I squirted my juices all over his face, and into his mouth, spilling onto the seat.

He kissed me. His lips glistened in the unnatural glare of the street lights. I tasted my own cum and traces of the vodka we had each enjoyed moment earlier. I licked his lips. Then mine. He was perfect.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. Sliding me down, he pushed my dress into a swath of fabric around my middle and spread my legs wider. He came down hard, spearing me with his dick and riddling my body with sudden electrifying sensations. I clung to him, helpless against the intensity of the moment.

He exploded inside me. His delicious cum flowed out of my pussy, staining the upholstery. Our faces mirrored a satisfied expression.

Temporarily sated, we headed north in pursuit of a space to carry on, uninterrupted.


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