Magical Moments

We giggled like teenagers when the concierge slid our room key across the granite desk. The security guard turned to scowl at us, but I watched the stern expression melt into a wistful smile. I winked and held onto his hand a little tighter, happy that I was here, enjoying this moment in time with him.

The elevator was mostly a glass enclosure with imposing steel doors that took eons to open. I stood facing the deserted bar, consciously cautioning myself against pressing my face against the window. It was all too beautiful. Surreal. It was hard not to take things like this for granted in this world.

We scampered toward the room, going the wrong way at first in our lust-muddled brains. Not even waiting for the door to close, we were on the bed, already tearing at each others clothes. The curtains were drawn, a huge expanse of glass framed by commercially patterned fabric. Patrons’ cars were lined in neat rows on the parking surface below. The stars were a mystery, drowned by the city lights.


I peeked out the window, hoping someone would notice the opportunity. I begged him to take me right there on the unusually wide windowsill. He promised he would and led me back to the bed.

He stripped me of my thin dress, the one layer that had separated the general public from my nude body. I was distracted by the magnificent cock that was now bare and begging for my mouth. Out of obligation as much as desire, I licked and pleasured him until I felt him throbbing against my tongue. I pulled his cock deep, all the way down my throat, then teased the tip. I slid just the head past my lips and drew back as I sucked. His hands coaxed me, caressed me as I enjoyed him.

Now fully aroused, he ordered me onto the windowsill. I was on my knees, legs spread wide, breasts spread across cool glass. Nothing obscured any onlooker from seeing every inch of my body, every passionate expression, every shiver of excitement as he fucked me from behind.

I wanted him deeper inside me, but the awkward position wouldn’t allow it. Desperate for him, I climbed down and pulled out the cloth covered bench from beneath the TV table. Lying face down, I spread my legs and presented my ass to him.

He explored me, tasting and probing me with his fingers and tongue. Primal instinct took over and he began fucking me again relentlessly. This time I begged him to go as deep and hard as he pleased. He rewarded me by pounding my pussy with every ounce of his strength while I braced myself on the floor with splayed hands. I couldn’t have stopped the shrieks of pleasure and lustful moans if I’d tried. He was giving me the treatment I’d been craving now for months.

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