Sweet Slice of Revenge

So I have this friend we’ll call “Stephanie”. Once upon a time, I introduced her to a childhood friend and they took a liking to each other. Meanwhile, she ran into financial troubles and asked me to move in to help out. I agreed.

Within a couple of weeks, she introduced the guy to her kids and let him spend the better part of a week with us. I kept silent about my opinions. Then the guy I was seeing needed a place to stay for a night or two. I mentioned it to her. Stephanie wanted to meet him first. Because of her kids, I arranged it.

At the meeting, she decided to carry on about the huge favor she was doing for me by allowing me to stay in her house. The same house whose mortgage was being paid by me alone. I moved out the same day and we parted ways.

Two months later, Stephanie left on a 2 week long holiday and asked me to pet-sit. My evil mind immediately jumped at the chance for revenge and I agreed. Once the details were finalized and she was off on her trip, I called up the guy she had humiliated me in front of.

We started off by fucking on the kitchen table. Naked and lustful, we indulged in each other and made quite a mess of things.

Then we moved to the coffee table. And the couch.
Not even the children’s beds were safe.
Finally, we finished the week with a particularly messy session on her king sized bed.

We slept soundly next to each other that night, and I swear we smiled in our slumber.

No, I didn’t wash the sheets.

One thought on “Sweet Slice of Revenge

  1. I don’t generally believe in revenge as a broad concept, but this had me laughing out loud. Genius!

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