Ménage Montage

Grey Goose on the rocks always tasted like pure, crisp, bittersweet adulthood. Almost freezing cold, but with a tiny bite that delivers its punishing sting in slow, quiet doses. I sipped my glass of chilled responsibility and looked lovingly at the beautiful blonde sitting next to me.

Her laugh flitted around, landing exactly where it was aimed, in a thousand directions at once. The small cluster of gentlemen that seemed to form every time she stood still seemed collectively dissociated with each other. Every eye was focused on this incredibly captivating beauty with the carefree laugh and sweet little smile.

My own expression was far less innocent as I couldn’t seem to masquerade the myriad of naughty thoughts that emerged every few seconds. The bartender was paying extra attention to the two women who were impossibly conspicuous and seemed to be entertaining that section of the bar with their lesbian lust and contrasting personalities.

Although not nearly as boisterous when compared to my date, I also enjoyed the attention that I was accustomed to attracting in situations like these. A magical equation of a smoldering gaze, a lascivious smile, and a few witty quips dispersed at strategic times always seemed to be effective in eliciting just exactly the response I desired from whomever I pleased.

At the moment, the lady to my left and I were having trouble maintaining private conversation thanks to our newfound companions. The bartender, however, was simply the most handsome man in the room, and I knew she had been eyeing him for quite a while as well. As he topped off my glass of Goose, I chatted with him for a second, evaluating the prey. He would more than do.

Not more than an hour later, we had bid adieu to our fellow patrons, and taken the bartender back to my date’s place. He was so adorable! His eyes were wide with excitement like a child discovering candy for the first time. As she and I explored each other, trading attention and affection, he couldn’t help but join in the fun.

It was amusing to see him struggle in deciding where to direct his concentration. Would he tweak her nipples and touch my wet pussy? Or would he stroke himself and taste her lips? But he couldn’t because I was between her legs, giving him full access to my ass. This was a better place for his hands anyway, since his cock was disappearing into her sweet little mouth.

I felt her cunt throbbing beneath my tongue and I knew she wanted his cock there. He pulled my hips toward him and I straddled his face while she rode his hard dick. He came quickly, as young men often do when being molested by two beautiful women, but the party didn’t end.

She and I continued to play and it wasn’t long before he was ready again. This time, she took control and asked me to let her watch me please him. It was her pussy spread on his face as I sucked him; her hands caressing his body and then mine as I shoved his cock deep into my hole and fucked him until I was satisfied.

Just like a dream, it ended abruptly, and we each went our separate ways. Would it happen again? Hopefully.


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