Healing Waters

With my eyes closed, it sounded like I was nestled in the embrace of a small, but powerful waterfall. Water drops scattered across my naked skin in rivulets and ever changing patterns, and streams of water massaged my body. Weightless, I floated peacefully in the steaming water.

Suddenly, he was there too. Caressing me and fondling me like a prized possession. My eyes flew open and I whirled around in excitement. His perfect body was barely discernible in the moonlight, but I could see enough. I knew him intimately. No part of him was foreign to me. Our bodies were a shared secret, and neither of us needed any light to know exactly where and how to touch the other.

My thighs parted and he pulled my hips up to his, letting me wrap my legs around his waist. The water pushed around us, jostling us into a passionate frenzy. My breasts were large and full in the whispering moonlight. The contrast of the crisp autumn temperature and the steaming cauldron we bathed in made my nipples prominent and more sensitive than usual. He caught one between his teeth, capturing the other between two fingers and sending shivers down my spine.

With his free hand, he balanced me on his hips and felt me shudder in his grasp. I felt his hard cock begging for my pussy. I moved against him, taunting his body and enjoying his need. Both hands suddenly grasped my waist and I cried out as I felt him plunge deep inside me. He fit so perfectly!

My hips rocked against him, moving with the rhythm of the water. I stretched out my legs, held on to his strong arms, and leaned back with him still inside me. My pussy was soft and glided easily on his rigid member in spite of the water.

He thrust deeper into me, and I felt the orgasm in every cell of my body. My tight little hole swallowed every inch of him. His arms gripped me, and he kissed me deeply, loving the helpless way I held on to him. My fingertips made little dents in his shoulders and I clung to him until the ecstasy had melted into blissful relaxation.

I turned around and dipped into the water, giving him a show. I came up between his legs and nestled the curve of my ass against his rigid, muscular abs and slowly moved down to take him inside me again. He stood, and I pushed against him, holding on to his legs and arms from in front. I felt his grip on me tighten, and when he came, I held on to him the way he had for me.

I turned in his embrace and suddenly heard the roar of the waters beneath and surrounding me again. I was lost inside his kiss, as deep inside his world as he was in mine.


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