Soaking Wet Wishes

His voice was low, almost menacing on the phone. I asked if he had any requests. As I was growing accustomed to hearing, he was vague, but asked for “business on the outside, slutty underneath.” I agreed and said I could work with that.

When I arrived, the doorman’s expression let me know I’d nailed the perfect look. My host met me in the elevator lobby, and we wordlessly ascended into his penthouse. Once inside, he looked me over, exhibiting a hungry expression of approval similar to the doorman’s. He nodded then, and handed me the stack of hundred dollar bills that I’d spend the hour or so earning. As was my custom with clients such as these, I laid it next to my things, and turned my attention entirely toward him.

He offered me a drink, and poured us each a glass of wine from his extensive collection. It was then I noticed just how handsome he was. Measuring at least at 6’2″, with a full, but graying head of hair, he towered over me. His eyes were a dark blue that reminded me of an ocean during the storm. For a moment, I was mesmerized.

We took our glasses of wine to the balcony which overlooked the city skyline. Although I had been to this area many times, the view was somehow very different. He smoked his cigar, and studied me. I felt as though I was being intently scrutinized, but I didn’t mind. I asked him why he chose me, and at last I saw him smile.

He said my lips had captivated him. Crimson and full, they pouted slightly at the camera in my main photo. He wanted to touch them. Taste them. Feel them on his skin.

I put a finger up to touch the lips under his gaze. My red lipstick left little traces on my fingers and I smiled seductively at him. I wondered what else had caught his attention.

Then he pulled up my photo and pointed to my ad. “You say you’re a squirter?” he asked. I nodded. I asked if he’d witnessed it before. He said he had, but only a few times, and even if nothing else happened tonight, he wanted to see me squirt. I couldn’t help it. I smiled again. I loved making wishes come true!

I crossed my legs and looked at him for a long moment. I imagined the way his face would light up when he saw and felt me orgasm. Already, he was leaning forward and waiting impatiently. I asked if he wanted a taste. He said he did, and I smiled again. I uncrossed my legs and reached between them, feeling the moisture that was increasing. My eyes closed as I played just a little with my soft pussy.

The first taste went to me. I slid my glossy fingers into my lips and savored the sweetness. He moved closer and I looked him in the eye. I spread my legs, and reached back into the wet little hole. If he wanted to see me squirt, I was just about ready to show him…


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