La Hermosa


The beautiful slope of her breasts

A bead of sweat glistening on her neck

Rolling softly and quietly, tumbling down the curve and resting just above her protruding nipple

The subtly tempting hints of her feminine shape, teasing me beneath her silk gown

The helpless lovesick look in her eyes when she catches my stare

Her hair falling into her face while she looks up at me from between my legs

The delicate shape of her mouth with its slight, petulant pout

The little bare triangle of softness that peeks at me from between her hips

Her clit, like a rosebud, blooming at my touch

Her soft lips, parting beneath my tongue, opening up for me

The gentle curve of her thighs that causes my fingertips to move unceasingly

Her little tongue, gliding across my skin as she tastes me

The way her breasts move when she gasps with pleasure

She is my fantasy
She is my reality
My lover, and my dream


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