Tall, Dark, and Handsome


He was built like a tree, and I wanted to climb him. Even perched atop my 6″ stilettos, he towered over me and the sunlight disappeared behind his broad shoulders.

He simply looked at me for a long moment, a perverted smile creeping across his face. I shivered a little, and sauntered over to the armchair nearby.

I felt the cool leather underneath my legs as I sat. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the hem of my skirt skim the tops of my thighs and leave no question about my motivation. Between them, I felt the tingling and involuntary tightening of my cunt that made it even more difficult to concentrate.

I crossed one leg over the other, tracing my fingers across the sculpted curve of my exposed calf muscle. My patent leather stiletto pointed saucily in his direction and I looked up at him expectantly.

Just as I did so, he grabbed me up by the hair and turned my back toward him. The metallic ripping sound of the zipper giving way was followed by a slight breeze as my dress fell to a puddle of fabric around my feet. Underneath it was nothing more than a bit of lace and string, which was now my only apparel.

I turned slightly to peek at him and felt the heat from his body suddenly warming my back as he moved closer. His cock pressed against my back, straining through his trousers, and I knew he was anxious to be inside me.

With his hand still gripping a fistful of my hair, he forced me over the back of the armchair. My ass was facing him, and my pussy was spread and glistening wet… waiting to be filled.

I felt his fingers first, thrust deep inside my wet cunt. My pussy tightened around them immediately, and I concentrated on trying to stave off my impending orgasm. He pressed down hard, directly behind my pubic mound. His fingers slid out slowly, and I felt my legs quivering as he grazed my clitoris.

He shoved the wet fingers into my mouth, and I felt his cock fill my pussy. His hand muffled my screams as he pumped hard and purposefully inside me. I could no longer hold back my orgasm, and I knew it was evident to him also. As I came, my knees crumpled, and the whole world went dark.


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