Lady Love

It’s almost as if everything she does is a means of seducing me. As if she needs a strategy…

Her bra falls to my feet. She looks back and giggles before disappearing into the bedroom. She knows I’m powerless to resist her.

I’m truly captivated. I’ve become her willing slave, and I would do nothing to change it.

I feel my own breasts becoming fuller, and a damp spot is forming between my legs. Does she have any idea how she affects me? Well of course she does…

I peek into the doorway and see her lying naked on the sheets. Her legs are spread slightly, her lips are parted just a tiny bit, she doesn’t see me since her eyes are closed. My gaze chases her fingertips as they glide over her skin.

Her body is hypnotic. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and she doesn’t even know it…


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