Breakfast in Bed

I feel it slowly invading my body and my dreams. My legs and lips are parted, my breath is quick. Sheer ecstatic pleasure consumes me, but its cause is still unknown.

Your tongue touches the underside of my clit and I wake with a shudder! The feeling is incredible! I gasp for breath even though I’m drowning in euphoria.

I know your touch, you know my body. Still every time our bodies connect, the electricity is undeniable. You are everything I’ve ever wanted, and yet you’re so much more…

My nipples harden and I reach up to feel them between my fingers. The heat from your mouth is creating a fire between my legs. You make me so wet, my back arches and I let out a loud moan as my orgasm consumes me.

Your face is covered in my juices, just the way I like it. You lick your lips and pull me onto you. Your hard cock enters me with a rush and I can’t help but scream.

The taste of my cunt is your foreplay and your orgasm comes quickly and powerfully, filling me up from inside. Your body and mine climax together in a beautiful collision of intimacy and primitive instinct.

I hear your voice rumbling a low “good morning” in my ear, and I shiver, giggling at you. You are my sunrise and my fantasy, and waking up to you is a dream come true.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast in Bed

  1. I’m fucking obsessed with both of these pictures. It’s just been an open tab so I can click back and gaze every now and then.

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