The Countdown


Even if she could have opened her eyes, she would have been met with darkness. I loved having her tied up and confined. Helpless in her soft silken bonds. Yards and yards of black fabric wound tightly around her in a fantastic pattern. Her eyes were covered with a band of silk that wrapped around the back of her head and circled her lily white throat.

Such a delicate, sensual spot… That small indentation between a woman’s collarbones that begs to be kissed, tasted, and pressed.

The fabric trailed between her shoulder blades, behind her neck, crossed in front between her breasts, then bound her wrists to the small of her back leaving her with absolutely no room for maneuvering.

Her legs were spread for my pleasure and convenience. Each beautiful, dainty foot tied to its own pole facing opposite points of the room. Her elbows were bent, each also fixed to opposite poles, leaving the tender skin of her waist exposed to me at all times.

I couldn’t help but admire my handiwork silently before playing with my newfound toy. I took a long feather and gently traced her skin. She shivered involuntarily and I smiled at her weakness. I watched as the lazy tendrils of my feather danced and glided over her soft skin… She really was a beautiful creature.

Her mouth had been left uncovered and I wondered what to do with it first. It was such a pretty little mouth, with straight, white teeth, plump, rosy lips, and parted just slightly.

I kissed her slowly just for the fun of it. She responded, arching her back within her bonds and doing her best to return the kiss. Her breasts grazed mine and I felt myself grow wetter.

I took my smallest flogger, the one with the glass handle and soft leather strips, and dragged the strands across her perky breasts. She shivered again and I smacked her face with my open palm.

“The next one will be on your bare breasts, you insolent slut.”

She smiled and I slapped the flogger hard across her beautiful chest. The burning red tracks it left excited me so much I had to do it again. This time the other direction, harder and quicker.

She writhed in her bonds and I knew I was close to having complete control over her. It wasn’t a far cry from her current state, but I craved it with the strength of pure addiction.

My fun was just beginning… She was my belonging, after all. I stood behind her and gripped the cloth wrapped around her throat and pulled tight. She gasped and I laughed in her ear, my breath disturbing the loose lock of hair that hid it. With my other hand I grabbed her hair in my hands, pulling her head back toward me. She whimpered and I pulled the cloth tighter, cutting off her air for just a few beats.

“Is that what you want slut? You want to be reminded who controls you? Have you forgotten the One who owns you? I am about to count to ten. When I get to ten, you will come for me. Understood bitch?”

She tried to nod while whimpering a small “yes Ma’am” with the breath she had left.

As I released her I walked around to face her and began counting.


I kissed her deeply, the way I had done before. I enjoyed her soft lips with her wet little tongue slipping in and out between them. Her mouth tasted so sweet, I could barely concentrate.


I slapped her face hard with my open palm.


I bent to kiss her pussy, separating her lips with my tongue and tasting her swollen clit. Despite her subservient position, I had never tasted a pussy so sweet and always loved rewarding her this way.


I held her lips apart with my hand and used the flogger to deliver a quick stinging blow to her wet little cunt.

She started to beg, telling me she couldn’t wait until I finished counting.

I grabbed my purple dildo. Made of hardened silicone, roughly 9″ long and 6″ wide and shoved it deep inside her rosy wet hole as far as I could.


I left the dildo inside her and reached for my riding crop. With a loud “thwack!” I brought it across her sweet round ass just a few times to remind her who was in charge. She was so wet the dildo began to slide out, causing me to deliver a few punishing blows to her thighs.


I fucked her pussy with the toy, daring her to defy me with a premature orgasm. I could see tears and mascara running down her face as she bit her lip, trying hard to hold back.


I replaced the toy with my fingers, gently stroking the smooth skin between her lips. I stood directly in front of her, inches away from her lips. I could feel her breath on my lips and could barely look away from her beautiful tear-streaked face.


I kissed her throat, the small place I had left exposed just for me, and moved slowly down to her breasts. I took one erect nipple in my mouth, suckling it lovingly while attaching a clamp to the other. I fastened the second and tugged on the chain linking the two.


A small puddle had formed on the ground between her legs. I had her. She was gasping for air and shivering uncontrollably and it was beautiful. I tightened the clamps that held her nipples and she screamed with equal pain and delight. I relished the sound and took it upon myself to make her repeat it. A quick tug of the linking chain proved quite effective at accomplishing my goal.

I reached between her legs and rubbed her swollen clit with her own juices. She begged me for release and I giggled with pleasure. My pet, my adorable little toy.

I knelt down to taste her once more but just before I pressed my lips to hers, I whispered…



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