Moment of Ecstasy

I run the arch of my foot up the curved length of his leg. These sheets will be permanently wrinkled where I’ve been grasping them tightly in my small fist. His lips are pressed against my neck and I can hear the low, guttural sounds of pleasure emanating from them.

We move together in a rhythm as ancient as the universe.

I have never been more alive as I am in this moment. I sink my teeth into the flesh of his shoulder in an attempt to muffle my screams. I lose my breath as he grips my shoulders and thrusts deeper inside me.

The skin on his smooth back is damp with sweat. My fingernails are buried there, clutching him tightly. I shudder violently beneath him as my orgasm comes.

His hand covers my mouth, stifling the sounds he is producing. The helplessly trapped feeling it causes brings on another wave of ecstasy. This time, I feel him exploding inside me and my world turns black.

I am plunged into a mad euphoria, entirely vulnerable. His body stills and I can feel our heartbeats racing to become one. The faint sound it makes fills my head with the might of a thousand wildly beating drums.

And then… A peaceful calm embraces us as we succumb to slumber.


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