To The Moon and Back


Is it safe to say you’re the girl of my dreams? I haven’t even had the chance to feel your hair between my fingers, or the softness of your lips against mine, but oh how I’ve imagined it…

For as long as I’ve known you I’ve dreamed of you. Every memory I have is cherished and often recalled. You are the most beautiful thing I have had the chance to see, but you are so much more than beauty.

Your eyes dance when you see me. Strangers comment on the electricity between us. Your face lights up and I can’t stop smiling.

To think it has been a lifetime of waiting and finally… finally we have the chance to be alone together.

I can’t wait to uncover you… I want to kiss you slowly, drinking in your scent and your taste. I want to let my lips graze the soft skin of your cheek and bury my face in your soft curls.

I can’t wait to feel your curves against me, or to touch your beautiful body. You are everything I have ever wanted in one person.

I can only hope to make you feel the way I do when I think of you. I can’t wait to let you finally see how wet you make me even when you aren’t around. I want you to take advantage of the sweet power you have over me and use me as you please.

I can’t think of you without touching myself and dreaming of your voice, your body, your lips… I want to see those lips dripping with my wetness. I want your breasts to glisten with sweat as I take you over the edge of ecstasy. I want to hear you tell me you love me again and whisper your commands in my ear.

I am nothing but yours, and you are everything to me.


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