Peaceful Submission

I love the way you fit snugly inside me like a sword in its sheath. Your body yearns for me. It amuses me to watch you struggle with yourself in an effort to contain your excitement. Your eyes dance even as your mouth is set in a firm line.

I love your scent. Clean, peaceful, with a hint of musk. Your body is like summertime. Lithe and strong. Your strength has a way of surprising me when you overtake me.

When your hand covers my mouth, my whole body responds. You move inside me with a rush, and my senses are overwhelmed. I become your plaything. In that moment, you are my Owner and my Lover.

You have a way of pulling me right to the edge of bliss and dangling me over the side. You decide if and when to let me go, and the descent is always beautiful.

Into a colorful, swirling, blazing spiral of sweet release.


Tell me your secrets...

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