Three’s Company


You’ve just come home after a long, arduous day. I take a peek at you, peeling off the layers of clothing and I can feel my body already starting to respond. I hold my breath and wait for you to move closer to me before I step out into the light.

I expect your gasp, but then you recognize me and your frown melts away. In its place I see smoldering eyes and hungry lips just waiting to devour me! With a giggle I lead you to the bedroom where I have a surprise planned for you.

The first thing you see is my lovely lady friend waiting on your bed. Also a brunette, with a lean but soft frame. The only thing between you and her naked body is a thin layer of lace… and me.

I make you strip off the rest of your clothes until you’re standing naked in front of me. I take your hand and lead you toward the bed, anxious to unleash my lust.

My lady takes your hand and pulls you down onto the bed. She climbs atop you, letting her breasts dangle over you, brushing against your skin. She kisses your sweet mouth and I move down to service your hard cock. You taste so good in my mouth that I get lost in you.

I look up to see my lady pet’s pussy, nice and wet. I taste her, she’s sweet and hot! I pull her hips down and place her on your cock. I move up to kiss her and I straddle your face. I move my cunt against your lips while she rides you hard. Fast, slow, up and down, around in circles. Her breasts bounce joyously and I can feel myself getting closer. She works my clit with her fingers and I feel your tongue slip inside me.

With a shriek, I feel my orgasm take over, squirting my juices all over your face. My lady screams as she feels you cum hard into her, making her writhe with pleasure.


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