A Tasty Treat


I trace your tattoo with my finger. The lines are slightly raised and push back against my skin. The colors are so vibrant I can almost hear them screaming at me.

You stare into my soul. Your eyes are smouldering. Every gaze is vividly intense and coaxes my innermost desires to the surface.

I struggle to meet your eyes and get lost along the way. Your body is mesmerizing. I can barely contain my lust for you, and I feel it burning through my veins.

You wordlessly reach for me, as if you and I are the only ones in the world who matter. I suppose this is true, in a way. I feel my eyes flutter and my blood rushes in my ears.

You hook a finger into the thin lace on my hip and pull my panties just slightly. The fabric teases my swollen clit and I feel the dampness spreading. You kiss my lips and I lose all sense of propriety.

I want you. I crave you. Desperately.

I pull you closer to me, and you resist. Your delectable mouth is set in a playful smirk. My breasts are suddenly bare. My shirt is nowhere to be found, and I stand there facing you, exposed. You bend down and sink your teeth into the fleshy mound just above my nipple.

My knees buckle and I grasp you tighter. You pull away again and gently grasp my hands in yours. Without a sound, you drop to your knees and bury your face between my legs.

I can feel your breath heating the thin layer of fabric that separates your lips from mine. Your tongue pushes against my clit and I sway involuntarily.

My panties are suddenly falling toward my ankles and your mouth covers my tight wet cunt. You taste me delicately, as though you’re savoring my flavor. I sense the faint scent of my arousal, and you grow more aggressive in response.

I am absolutely powerless. My legs part and your finger slides between the folds of my lips while your tongue caresses my clit. Your hair spills over my fingers as I cling to you. I moan your name over and over and then I cover your face in my wetness.

You look up at me with glossy lips and smiling eyes. You know exactly what you do to me.


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