Conference Room Chaos

20130923-232857.jpg Every glance at you sends shivers down my spine. You move with a fluid sensuality that demands my full attention, and I see it often in my dreams… Like now, I am walking behind you down the long hall of an office building. I quicken my pace and with every ounce of courage, I reach out and touch your hip, guiding you into a conference room. You let out a quick squeal, your brief moment of fear is laced with excitement. You know exactly what I want. I pick you up and place you on the table, then let my hands trail down the length of your gorgeous legs to your sexy heels. You naughty girl. You know those stilettos drive me wild! I part your thighs, standing between them. I kiss you long and deep while I pull your blouse up to your shoulders. Your bouncy breasts are exposed – no bra? You knew what was coming, didn’t you? In my mouth. Between my teeth. Pressed against my tongue. Your nipples are dark and rigid. I step back and look at you, disheveled and flushed with lust. I thrust my hand between your legs. No panties under that skirt? You dirty slut! I can feel your wetness on my fingers and my mouth starts to water. I can’t wait any longer. I lift you back onto your feet and bend you over the table. I pull up your skirt and smack you hard across your bare ass. That’s what you get for tempting me! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Your ass is nice and pink, and now it’s time for my pleasure. I spread your hips just slightly and start to kiss you slowly from the cleft of your cheeks all the way down to the source of your wetness. I work my tongue around your tight cunt, careful not to give you too much pleasure. I hear you begging me for more. I reach up and grab a fistful of your hair. I shove three fingers of my other hand deep into your pussy and massage your G spot. I feel you straining to keep your orgasm under control. You know the rules. My fingers work your pussy the way I know you’ve been desperate for. One finger, then two, then three, now one again. Faster. Slower. Harder. Softer. I lean down and whisper one word to you. Right as I feel your muscles contract, you hear the word “now”. Your orgasm is intense and I feel your back arch hard against me. Your knees go weak and then you’re a puddle in front of me. Bent over the table, topless and wearing your skirt around your waist.


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