Last Night


Looking at you is pleasure enough, but touching you… That is magic. The way your skin feels, soft and feminine, heating up my body as you slide against me. You make time stop and wait for you. Your breasts, round and full like mine, they’re begging for my hands. My mouth. My depraved imagination.

You pinned me against the bed. I felt the softness of your sheets beneath me and then your face between my legs. You drank me like you hadn’t tasted anything as good in your life. Your mouth pushed me way past the point of no return, over and over. The world went black, white, then a burst of fire as I came hard against your lips and tongue.

I heard the sound of you fastening your strap on and my cunt dripped with anticipation. I love the way you take me with abandon. You fuck me as if you’re executing a non negotiable consequence. Deliberately. Fiercely. Violent and gentle at once.

You turned me over, fucked me from behind, then with my legs over your head, then with your hands around my throat and my body splayed like the world’s happiest slave. When you allowed me to ride you, my juices dripped down between your thighs. I came so many times that I soaked your sheets and your body!

You took off the harness and I was finally allowed to kiss your sweet cunt. I tasted my juices mixed with your wetness and I couldn’t get enough. I touched and licked and sucked you, smiling as you trembled beneath me again and again. You writhed and squirmed while I enjoyed every inch of you. Your swollen clit kissed my tongue, and I kissed back. Loving your cunt with gentle caresses and massaging your sweet spot with exactly the right amount of pressure.

You pulled me up and kissed my face. My hair clung to my skin with sweat and the moisture from our juices. The sweet taste and smell of your pussy stayed on my lips until sunrise, and I kissed you while you slept.


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