Wish You Were Here

Nights are the hardest. Especially here in this godforsaken town where anonymity is only a dream, and the pitying looks are inescapable. I would get used to the emptiness that occupied the other half of the king size bed, but that wouldn’t happen tonight. 
Tonight I wanted nothing but Him. My body cried out for Him. My lips ached for His kiss. I could feel my lips beginning to separate as the fleshy pearl beneath them grew with want. Absentmindedly, I reached between my thighs wishing it were His hands giving me much needed relief, but nothing was enough. Satisfaction eluded me and my need grew unrestrained.
I turned to my phone, hoping for an article or a cute picture to distract me. The unfamiliar app icon that had recently appeared taunted me with its promises of instant romance. I wanted no part of whatever that meant. But maybe… A thought had occurred to me, one I dared not speak out loud. Even to the empty space around me. 
My cunt ached to be filled, if not with Him then with something. Something hard, warm, alive, that would fuck me with abandon. Something that would take me past the breaking point and provide clarity for even just a moment. 
I launched the app. To its credit, it required only enough presence of mind to select “yes” or “no” to the endless queue of faces that appeared before me. The exaggerated icons after each judgment reminded me of the historic spectator participation in the Roman gladiator games. I had to admit it was, if nothing else, entertaining. 
 And there He was.  
Well, not Him. But at a glance, they could be easily mistaken for one another. 
His first message was polite, but brief. Perhaps this wasn’t such a terrible idea? I responded in kind, giving away nothing while being graciously engaging. 
His quick suggestion to arrange dinner plans gave me pause, I wondered if he was the right choice for my obscene plan. It was of no consequence either way, so I opted for a blunt proposition. To my surprise, and his, he obliged without hesitation. 
In person, the similarities were even more striking. Emotion threatened to overrule my intentions, but I’d become quite skilled at quelling their voice. I reached up and touched his face, my fingers remembering His texture beneath them. 
No pleasantries were exchanged. We had already agreed to omit compulsory preliminaries. Instead, I was meeting Him as if it were the first and the last time.
“Sit down.” I instructed, wanting to take the lead by serving Him in just the way He had enjoyed so many times. I circled behind him, stroking his shoulders with one hand as I did so. With his back facing me, I removed my top and let my breasts find their familiar resting place against his neck. He relaxed against them and my hands wandered down his chest. I nuzzled him, gently delivering kisses that turned slowly more heated. I drew his skin into my mouth, allowing a soft suction against my teeth that brought his blood to the surface and stirred his secret senses. 
My hands traveled to his belt and began unveiling the prize beneath. I could feel his bulge growing, begging to be unleashed. I reveled in the control I had already gained over the body of this stranger. I stroked him gently outside the fabric, making him squirm under my touch. 
At last his member was freed. Proudly erect and already releasing the clear precum that belied its want. I walked slowly around to face him, breasts bare and nipples erect in anticipation. He reached up and took one in his palm, caressing the full bosom with borrowed affection. Just as He always did, he caught the nipple between his fingers and pulled until my knees threatened to buckle. 
I lifted my skirt, straddled his thighs and let the fabric conceal the union. Before fully lowering myself, I coated the tip of his member with my glaze and let him paint my folds with the moisture. I could feel him throb beneath me, and my hole grow slightly deeper, yawning with want. I danced that way, moving my hips across his thighs so that no more than the head of his penis was fully inside me. His breath came now in husky gasps as he nursed hungrily at my breasts. His fingers dug into my back, drawing me into him, conveying his need to be wholly inside me. 
Just before I worried he would overpower me, I stood, letting my skirt fall to a puddle on the floor. I knelt on the pile of fabric and tugged on his jeans, signaling him to let me remove them. Before his cock touched my lips, I noticed the trail of juices that dripped down into the crease of his thigh. I followed the trail with my tongue while he looked on. With just he barest hint of lips and teeth I grazed up the side of his shaft. At the summit I held his tip between my lips and let the saliva build inside them.

He moaned in agonizing pleasure when I took him entirely in my mouth. He just barely grazed the back of my throat, giving me the leeway I needed to let him fuck my mouth. He stood then, as if he had read my thoughts. I leaned back on my heels and peered up at him. The loving way he grasped my head was in perfect contrast with the aggressive fucking of my throat. Tears formed involuntarily as my nearly non existent gag reflex was provoked. The watery filter revealed a spectacle that was identical to the one I held in fond memory. It was His cock I was worshipping again, His body I was coaxing pleasure from.
And then I couldn’t take it any longer. I needed Him inside me. I climbed up on the chair, my knees to the back and my ankles beneath me. I hugged the back and raised my hips so that they met his. My wet hole presented herself to him and he knew exactly what to do. With a single motion he filled my cunt and fucked me as if years had passed since his last chance. I came immediately, adding even more moisture to the mixture. The juices ran down my thighs and I sneaked a hand between them to steal a taste. 
He fucked me harder. Mercilessly. Fueled rather than abated by my orgasm. I cried out and then quickly bit my lip, not wanting to provide the stranger any hint of satisfaction beyond what my pussy had already communicated. I closed my eyes and saw His face, the telltale look of relief when He spilled Himself inside me. A stream of fluid spurted from my cunt and onto the stranger. I felt him try and withhold his orgasm. He drew my hips tightly into his, immobile. I rocked mine back and forth as if driven by an invisible force and I felt him shudder. 
He grabbed hold of my thighs, tighter now than before, and emptied himself into me. He fell against me then, completely spent. Our bodies savored the brief reunion and all at once illusion gave way to reality. I closed my eyes, letting myself revel in the quickly fading sensations and gathering my composure. I felt His lips graze the back of my right shoulder for the last time. It was our sacred ritual, He always kissed me there after we made love. 
When I opened my eyes the stranger was gone and I was alone again in the house. But this time, I would sleep through the night knowing we had finally said goodbye.

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