O Hank Heaven

There was no room for pretense. No need for the usual play acting that typically served as a prerequisite for intimacy. Intimacy had no place in this scenario, there was only need. Insatiable, undeniable, intractable need. The kind that refused to dissipate, even in the face of a sober sunrise. 
I could not keep my hands away from the cleft between my legs. Every moment alone included an attempt at relief, with bite marks forming in my mouth where I had tried to withhold my telltale moans. I was constantly wet. I could just faintly smell my sex, reminding me of its need by engaging all five senses at once. I wondered if her scent wafted far enough to be detected by the strangers and friends I interacted with through the day. Something had to be done.
He was beautiful and smarmy all at once. As if dime store smut had chosen its own personification. His copper beard just covered his angular jawline and perfectly complimented the trendy yet slightly rugged hairstyle. I had known him all of twelve seconds when he bent my head back and kissed me, his intent made perfectly clear. I felt his cock pressing hard against my abdomen and wanted to drop to my knees then and there.
But first I needed him to be reminded of the parameters, spoken and unspoken. I did not care about his personality. I wanted none of his charm or wooing. I had no desire to meet his friends or family, I didn’t even need his surname. I wanted his body. Wholly, completely, and singularly. We stood face to face for the express purpose of using each other and with no intent to prolong our acquaintance.
He led me into his room and pushed me down onto the bed. I had fulfilled my promise to wear a single layer, a dress with no panties underneath, and he was anxious to take advantage. As always lately, I was already soaked. My cunt had begun to drip her slick fluid onto my thighs and his mouth soon added to the wet mess. My hands could not get enough of his tanned, sinewy muscles. 
I held onto him, and he to me, lifting my hips to meet his face. I could feel his beard against the tender skin between my legs. The moisture from my pussy coated it and the perfume of our combined arousal filled the room. His mouth knew exactly how to please me as if our bodies spoke a language all their own. I covered his lips with my juices as I came hard and fast in rapid succession. 
He stripped off the dress and I lay naked, legs spread ready to be consumed by this anonymous stranger. He crawled onto the bed to kiss me, giving me a drink of my own pleasure while his fingers continued to work my pussy. 
He commented on the tightness of my cunt, feeling my slutty little flower drawing him deeper with every thrust. I felt his hard cock and all at once he was inside me. I bit back a scream as he fucked my hole. I could feel his body betray his mental resolve and begin to give way to its own release. 
He turned me over and fed his cock into my waiting lips. The taste of my sweet fluid mixed with his was intoxicating. The ridge that separated the head of his penis from the shaft was prominent, perfect for sucking. I toyed with it in my mouth for a moment before swallowing him whole and letting him fuck my throat. He was exactly the right length and girth for me to be face fucked without feeling suffocated, yet filling every inch of my cunt. My fingers dug into the fleshy mounds of his ass, pulling him into me as far as my mouth could handle. 
 All at once I was face down, legs spread wide, ass raised up to meet him. He began fucking me, relentlessly now. My pussy sucked him in like a greedy little whore. He pushed my legs down and I crossed my ankles. He straddled me and immediately found my soaking hole. Within minutes I felt his hot cum spilling into me and I bit the pillow to muffle my own scream of pleasure. 
Walking through the store later, I felt the warm sensation of our pleasure oozing from between my lips. The thought of conducting such ordinary business while a stranger’s cum leaked from my pussy was deliciously scandalizing. I could still taste him when I licked my lips, and I did so until I couldn’t. His fragrance lingered on my skin as a reminder of our secret. 

Tell me your secrets...

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