Pretty Little Princess

He made her wait, lying there helplessly dripping wet, past the point where she felt she physically could not withstand any more of the teasing. Except she didn’t actually get a say. The threshold was entirely up to him to decide. She was just his plaything tonight, and she had given him total possession of her body to use however he pleased. At this point it was no longer a game to either of them. It was their chosen reality, and they were fully immersed.

He sat motionless, his head cocked to the side lazily watching her. His naked body filled the chair as though he were sitting on a royal throne. His thighs were parted, revealing a fully erect member just above slightly asymmetrical balls that threatened to burst at any second. He himself had been waiting for this moment, unconsciously counting down the hours until he would reward his Princess with the thing she craved the most… his cum. It was hers and only hers. Every drop belonged to her, as she often reminded him, and her greed for his body was insatiable.

She kept her eyes fixed on him while circling her fingertips slowly around her swollen pink button. The innermost petals of her flower, the softest and most responsive, were just longer than the fleshy outer folds. She twirled them between her thumb and middle finger, tugging occasionally as he instructed which elicited soft, uncontrollable moans. 
Her unique, feminine aroma had begun to fill the room, mixing with the light, musky scent of his own sex. His eyes closed as he inhaled her pleasure. He opened them just in time to see her lip caught between her teeth and a new glistening trail begin to form from beneath her fingers and down the curve of her ass. 

It was then he chose to introduce his own finger between those folds. He carefully traced the shiny trickle of glistening fluid to its source, pushing deep inside. He held there for a moment, enjoying the excited pulsation he felt as her body drew its lover further inside. Slowly, he began massaging the silky, soaking wet depths. His finger made tiny circles, threatening her with release and controlling her entire being. 

Her wrists instinctively met beneath her arched back. She knew better than to intervene when her lover was having his way with her. She existed as his playground. A fleshy, desperate, horny little fucktoy for his and only his pleasure. Her hips writhed in time with the rhythm of him inside her. He could feel her getting wetter, dripping down his fingers. 
His hand turned, coated now with her slick wetness. His thumb coaxed her enlarged button out of hiding. He held her cunt between his fingers, his middle and third moving in parallel motion on the other side of the membrane. With a few quick movements her thighs stiffened and she begged him for relief. He obliged by fucking her during her orgasm with her own juices and refusing to stop until he was satisfied she had had enough. 

He stopped long enough to trace a line from her cleft, across her soft mound, and up to the hollow between her breasts. His palm opened and he held her with the flat of his hand while he plunged himself inside her at last. Within seconds, she could feel her reward flooding into her pussy. Filling her hole until it flowed out onto the fabric beneath her.

She loved knowing she had caused him to burst so quickly. Being a receptacle for his pleasure excited her that much more. He stayed inside her, scooping the fluid that had escaped with his fingers and delivering the cocktail to her waiting lips. He bathed his sated cock in the delicious mixture they had made, knowing her mouth would be watering for the chance to lick him clean. His precious Princess had done well. 

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